Bringing Out My Blogging Voice + How to Ace Humor

As a new blogger, I've been trying out different ways to really bring out the real me in my blog posts. The real me: crazy, quirky, and weird. On my blog? A little weird, but mostly I'm super straight to the point and no messing around. In real life I loose my train of thought, and completely take 100 different paths until I get to the point.  So, I think it's 'bout time I start being myself! Annnddd, myself being a quirky person, I thought it'd be a great idea today to teach you guys how to ace all your humor in your books!

How to Create a Blood-Chilling Antagonist

We always want one of the powerful villains that make the readers gasp or feel their heart skip a beat for a moment because of how terrifying he is! You guys want to learn how? Great! Because today, I'm going to tell you something incredibly amazing that will make your antagonist more horrifying than ever before.