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How to Write a Bestseller: Write A Book That Will Change YOUR Life

There are a lot of books that we've read that speak to us in some special way. The themes really resonate with us, and we couldn't love the book more. But what if I told you you could write a book like that? What if I told you that you should? What if I told you that you MUST write a book like that?

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Introducing the First Chapter of My Book!

Hey guys!! It occurred to me that, besides epic snippets thrown into my email list, you guys have never actually seen much of my book before. SO, I've decided to pull out a (WARNING) super rough draft version of my first chapter that I have recently written...last month, I think? Anyways! I hope you guys enjoy it! As always, please do not steal this content even if it'll never make it into my real book (I trust you guys!), andddd yeah! Enjoy!


14 Hilarious Situations Readers & Writers Can Be Found In! (Told Through GIFs)

Okay guys! We are SO overdo for a hilarious post on things writers and readers do, told through GIFS. You guys all seem to love these things-and I find them quite hilarious, too-so I have compiled a list of 14 hilarious situations we always seem to find ourselves in.  Let's get started!  **As a quick suggestion, I find that the funniest way to enjoy this post is to read the big heading first, and then look at the GIFs, but you guys can do whatever you’d like!

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How to Get Rid of Writer’s Block for Good

I'm going to tell you something you've never realized before: Writer's Block does not exist.

I know, this sounds CRAZY! How to fix Writer's Block is everywhere: people make courses about it, people try to tell other people how to fix it in one little pin, people spend their writing hours moaning about how they can't write. Honestly, it's become one of the biggest writerly problems out there!

And I'm telling you today that it doesn't exist.

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How to Make Your Protagonist Likeable: The ONLY Thing You Need

If my character has to go through a change, from bad to good, how can I make him likeable when he's in his 'bad' stage?

It's hard enough as it is to make your character likeable, but now you have to make him likeable when he's doing something not likeable? How counterintuitive is THAT?

But there IS a way.

And I'm going to be showing it to you today!

Let's get started!


A Very Mary Collab! | Feat. Mary Elizabeth @ Middle Mary

Heyyyyy everyone! Today I'm doing a collaboration with my friend here, MARY!

*I wave pom-poms around and throw confetti and music starts playing-*

"Uhhhh Mary, why on earth are you doing an interview with yourself?" someone questions, and the record player screeches to a halt.

Very good question, young padawan.

I am NOT, actually! I'm being interviewed by Mary from Middle Mary! Don't worry, she's not my evil twin or anything (although maybe I'd be the evil twin if I had a twin...) but she does have a GREAT name, wouldn't you say?

And today, we're both interviewing each other! (Check out my questions and her answers here!

Let's get started!