How to Know WHEN to Edit Your Writing With These 3 Tips!

Have you ever finished writing something and all you can do is just sit there in horror at the thought of editing it? Today I’m going to be sharing with you 3 tips on WHEN you should edit your writing! **ALSO, a HUGE thank you to Issabelle from Teen Writers Nook for requesting this post! I hope this helps you!!**

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Aiming For the Top! (Help me Make 2021 for Wild Writing Dreams Awesome!)

WELCOME TO 2021! All of last week, I got a LOT of posts and people proclaiming quite loudly, "2020! HORRIBLE YEAR! So happy it's over! WHOO!" Gunna be honest, I disliked this a lot. I'm not saying 2020 was sunshine and rainbow unicorns (which it totally should've been, just saying). There were a LOT of bad things that happened (*cough cough* looking at you, pandemic *cough cough*) and yes it actually did destroy a year of my childhood BUT. A lot of good things came from 2020.

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3 Writing Distractions All Writers Have + How To Avoid Them

Every story has a point to it. There's always some sort of impending doom looming menacingly at the protagonist, which the entire story will lead up to. 

And yet often times we find ourselves...well, getting distracted from it. It's way too easy to wedge a party in there ("For some excitement," we tell ourselves) or throw in a dance-off battle scene ("For epic-ness,") or even an entire new epic character half-way through the book ("For comic-relief,").

While on the outside these things seem fun, they're actually damaging your story. 

Today we're going to be looking at 3 different distractions writers have, and how to avoid them!

Let's get started!