How to Create Memorable Characters: Give Them Flaws

Who ever thought that flaws in your character could make him or her so unforgettable and unique? Today we’re going to find out why, and how we can make sure your characters are remembered forever.  

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I know, I know. We want our characters to be perfect. The fantastic person whose good at everything they say and do. 

But, sadly, that’s not what should be happening. 

As amazing as your perfect character might really be, he’ll actually be thousands of times better if he actually has flaws

The question is: Why?


1. His Flaws Might be Relatable to the Reader

For my example, I’m simply saying that the character’s flaw is: she’s clumsy. 

So, let’s sayyyy Linda loves dancing, but she’s incredibly clumsy. She still tries her hardest; doing what she loves best. But, on the night of a big performance, she trips, and collides with a few ballerinas, ruining the whole show.

Let’s say the reader also does ballet. Maybe the reader even struggles with clumsiness as well! As they experience the same adventure as the character in the story, they feel themselves starting to really be able to relate, and feel the same emotions the character’s facing, and it really brings out the depth of the character.


2. His Flaws Will Make Him Realistic

This one’s pretty important. After all, none of us are perfect!

If you don’t have some sort of flaw that comes into play again and again throughout the book, your character just won’t feel…real enough. 

Again, with the clumsiness:

Let’s say Bob, is staying at his grandmother’s house for the week. His grandmother is incredibly rich, so while he’s wandering around the halls, staring at stuff-oh no! He bumps into a table and smashes his grandmother’s most prized, priceless vase!

Bumping into things and breaking things it completely realistic! We do it alll the time! If your character has no flaws, he’ll just be perfectionist plastered against the paper, with no life and dimension in him at all.Screen Shot 2019-02-10 at 2.39.03 PM

I’m not saying you can’t have that one ‘perfect’ character whose super good at everything, (although I strongly suggest to never let your protagonist be perfect!) Sometimes it’s even nice to read about ‘the character who has everything under control’.  But I definitely think even the ‘perfect’ ones should have some hidden flaws. Who knows, maybe they  might even be the ones who are able to bring out the darkest kind of flaws/secrets of all! 


Do your character’s have flaws? 

Are they relatable to some readers?


I hope you enjoyed this post! If you have any questions or thoughts, leave a comment down below.

Thanks for reading!




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