The Number One Thing That Every Book Needs

Hello everyone!

I think it’s been a pretty big debate between writers when we ask ourselves; what in the world is the greatest thing that we need in our entire book? Today, I’m going to be telling you guys all about characters


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(*Please read my note at the end of this post)


What do I mean, the characters? (You’re probably looking at me like; Mary. ALL stories have characters! You obviously don’t need to write an entire post on telling us that all books. have. characters.)

Well, that’s technically what I’m talking about! All stories have characters, so you’re going to need some to.

But today, I’m not just talking about ‘characters’. I’m talking about good, solid characters.


How Can I Create Solid Characters?

First, I want to point this out to you:

Would you rather read/write about a character that have these traits:

1. Is perfect, and can do everything with ease. Looks good, and is at peace with all your other characters.


2. Is not perfect, and has a lot of flaws. S/He might look good, but they might not either a) notice and/or b) it’s not a priority to notice. And sometimes, there’s a few spats between other characters. 

Okay, you guys probably know who I’m rooting for, just by seeing which one’s obviously longer than the other.

So, yes. I root for number two. If your characters are at peace? Let me tell you something: That’s extremely boring. 

Just watch out-you can’t have them fighting at every single turn of the page! By the middle of the books, the reader will throw back his head and groan every single time there’s another fight!

Still, think of your protagonist. Who’s he closest to? Friend? Love interest? Maybe some sort of interesting twisted relationship with someone? Got that minor character in mind?

Now, think of ways that they can argue. Maybe you can hit a nerve in your protagonist, and have them argue about his faults

Okay! So, the first step to creating a strong character is to give him faults. Now, onto the second part. 


Give Them Personalities

Think of your favorite character EVER from a book. (Okay, that’s not possible, but at least think of one of those awesome characters!) Now, ask yourself why you might find this character so awesome. 

Most likely, it’ll have something to do with their personality. How they act, and think towards other characters. 

For today, I’m going to be going through a character that I really like-Alex, from the first series of Unwanteds

Traits that I love about Alex:

He cares very much for others.

He’s very brave.

And he has his flaws-he can be scared, and sad. He can fight with his friends, but when they make up for it…it’s even better than having them not fight. 

(As a quick tip to you all: Why was it even better than having them not fight? Because after they made up, the character’s friendship grew.)

Those are only a few, to spare you from a long list. But, I think you can probably see what I’m talking about by now anyways. 

Other characters that some of you might love might be quirky, or snarky. And that’s great

A character with no personality, is a character that will never be remembered. Also, if I’m going to be very blunt-your character will also suck very much if he has the #1’s qualities from above.

Screen Shot 2019-02-10 at 2.39.03 PM


Look at your character, What’s his personality? How can you show that throughout your book? What are his flaws, and is there any way you can use that to create rocky roads with your characters?

If you can create a unique character, I can promise you that character will be remembered forever. 


I hope you enjoyed this post! If you have any questions or thoughts, leave a comment down below.

Thanks for reading!




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(*Also, as a side note to you guys, I’m very sorry that this wasn’t as fun-filled and awesome as I’d imagined my next post would be. With Christmas coming I’ve been very busy and have had lot’s to do. I will work very hard so that next week’s post will make up for this one!)


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