How to Master an Amazing Self-Revelation Scene

It doesn’t matter what kind of arc your character is following; there will always be one scene in your story where your character will have a self-revelation. And I’m going to show you guys how to master this scene today!

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What is self-revelation in a book? This is basically that moment where your character, no matter what arc he’s following, changes. He’ll change for either better or worse. (But ya know, hopefully for better.) Very, very simply: he’ll learn the Truth.

In a self-revelation scene, your character’s going to have a psychological (mental) and moral revelation about himself. 


1. A Psychological Change

The protagonist falls away from the act that he’s been living behind. He truly sees himself honestly for the very first time in his life. 

The problem is, a mental change like this is not easy. This change will be the most hardest, difficult, and courageous thing your protagonist will ever do in the entire book. 


2. A Moral Change

If you give your protagonist a moral change, he’ll now know how to properly act towards others. He’ll realize that he has been wrong, has hurt others, and must change. He proves that he’s changed by acting differently towards others-he’ll have a different mindset. 


Self-Revelations You Might Know About


1. Thor

Character: Thor 

What happened that made him learn? His father had enchanted his hammer, saying that: “Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor.”

Thor realizes that he is not worthy. Learning this Truth is crushing.


*sniffles* I mean, anyways, continuing! 

After realizing that he’s not worthy (the mental change) Thor then changes how he acts towards others (moral change) and acts kind and different to others. 

Before he believed: I am Thor, I am awesome. So I can do everything by myself! But hey, after he realizes that being a solo fighter is not how to win things, he finally teams up and works together with his friends. 


2. The Croods

Character: Grug 

When did he learn and how? Grug went through a good arc in the movie. He was protective, and then he hated Guy when he came along because he and Eve liked each other. Then he felt like he wasn’t good enough because he didn’t have any good ideas like Guy did.


After a talk with Guy, Grug realizes that Guy’s method of survival is better for his family, so Grug starts to work with him. 

At the end Grug realizes that he can’t just hide away in a cave all the time, (mental change) and that his family can take care of themselves. So he stops being as protective (moral change) of them, and excepts Guy into their family.


3. The Christmas Carol

Character: Scrooge

What happened that made him learn? (Is this cliché or what? The day before Christmas and I’m talking about the famous Christmas Carol!) So I’m sure we’re allll familiar with this story, but hey! I was like: Everyone knows it, so it’ll make everyone understand self-revelations much better!

So, Scrooge is an old miser at the beginning. He’s mean to Bob Cratchit, and only cares about his wealth and saving money. Later on he’s met by the three ghosts of past, present, and future, each one making him more guilty as they visit the past, present, and future. When Scrooge realizes his future is dismal and bleak, he realizes that money isn’t what makes a person happy-family and friends are. (mental change) He then wakes up on Christmas Day and runs around, spreading cheer and love to everyone. (moral change)


Screen Shot 2019-02-10 at 2.39.03 PM


Never have your protagonist come out running around and joyously crying out and singing praises to the world, “I’VE CHANGED, I’VE CHANGED!!!!”

Actually, I’d laugh at that, I take it back.

What I mean is, you can’t have your character preaching to other characters like “Ah, yes. I am a very dignified person now because I went through a very good psychological and moral self-revelation. Yes, yes. I’m quite good now.”

Wait what?

Instead just suggest that your protagonist has learned by the way he now acts. He doesn’t believe that Lie anymore that’s been holding him back from changing all along.


What kind of self-revelation will your character have?

Will he have a mental and moral change?

And have you guys ever watched any of the movies I referred to?


I hope you enjoyed this post! If you have any questions or thoughts, leave a comment down below.

Thanks for reading!

Also A Big Merry Christmas to You All! Have a Wonderful Holiday!





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2 thoughts on “How to Master an Amazing Self-Revelation Scene

  1. Julia says:

    I agree that these are important to a story. It’s a lot more interesting to see a character change throughout a story. (and yes, I love Thor’s change as well 😉)

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