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4 Hilarious Mistakes I Completely Made When Writing My Book For the First Time

So today’s going to be a little bit more of a different post today! Today, we’re going to be looking at my current book that I’m working on and I’m going to be showing you a lot of things I made the mistake of doing, and you guys can learn to…well…not make the mistake of doing, and I’ll be telling you the real way to do it.

And, uhhh…I started this book when I was 10 years old and stopped writing it…hmm…I think maybe late 2017 or early 2018. Anyways, I stopped and then really started to learn a lot about writing, so as a disclaimer I’m much better at writing than anything I’m about to show you today. I think. I…hope. I…*cough* well……..anyways! Let’s just get started!

(Also, although these sentences will never be used in the real version of my book, I ask that you don’t take any of these sentences. (And actually, you’d be crazy if you wanted any, because-*cringe* yeah…just read on and you’ll soon see what I mean)

Screen Shot 2019-02-10 at 2.39.03 PM


1. Dreams

Okay, before you scream in horror, I was at least smart enough not to start my book out with a dream and having my character wake up.

That is,*coughs*, until page 3.


For some reason, I thought it would be quite ingenious to ‘foreshadow’ something that would happen later in the book by making my character dream about it, and then when it would really happen, she’d remember that it was from her dream and be like, “Well what do ya know? I have a super-power!” (Okay not exactly like that, but you get the idea…)

Countless times Anya had had this dream, and she didn’t understand what it meant.

Yayyy now dreams mean things to my characters…?


Basically to learn from this…well…honestly? Don’t describe your character’s dream unless it’s important to your book. (For example, the character’s super-power is seeing the future while s/he sleeps.) 


2. Weird Things I Put In

You’d never believe the amount of randomly weird things that I threw into the book as I was writing. I would be like, “Oh! Ingenious idea, I’ll just add it into my book!” And without a backward glance would catapult it smack into the mucky mess of words and happily write on.

For example, the very very very VErYYY first time I EVER thought up of the idea for this book, I’d envisioned that every day in the village that my two starting characters would start out in would be exactly the same, with nothing new. So, like, every day was the same and nothing new ever had happened in the course of ever. 

After all, Gemstone Village was perfect, and nothing ever changed.

Also, ignore the name of the village. For some strange reason, I thought the name ‘Gemstone Village’ would be super cool, and also a sly way of foreshadowing. Yeah, that name will not be coming back.

It didn’t take me very long to figure out the enormously infinite mass of problems with this idea. Wouldn’t eating the same thing every day make you sick? How can every single thing be the same and why would it never change? Why would everybody say the exact same thing everyday? I mean, if they don’t say the same thing, wouldn’t THAT be different!!???? WHAT IF SOMEONE STEPPED OUT OF LINE!! WHAT IF-


So after running around like this for a while, trying to figure out how to make everything work, I SO gave up on that idea.


Another random thing that I sooo thought was soooo cooollll was if Anya would hang out at the beach all the time but-and wait for it-she would be afraid of water!





Not coming back *laughs awkwardly*

There are SO definitely numerous random weird things that I put in, but those two are just some things to get you realizing how…um…I have such weird ideas????


Anyways, from this you can learn: although they may be cool and no, mine was not, but yours can be, don’t just throw awesome story ideas into your book because it’s cool. Think about it first before you write it. If you realize that it doesn’t work, save it for another book another time.


3. My Foreshadowing. Or Uhhh…At Least My Valiant Attempt at It

Ah yes, back to the foreshadowing…

SOOO…let me be very honest and straight with you guys.

*takes in a huge ragged deep breath and chockes*

I had VERY BAD foreshadowing. 

Examples of my cringe-worthy foreshadowing:


“The water reminds me of…you.”


And he knew that one day, Gemstone Village would never be the same.

How very cliché of me…


It’s cool weight on her neck seemed almost destined to be there.

Yeah, actually I’m starting to realize how cliché all my foreshadowing was…way da go me!


So…foreshadowing…yikes. I could fill a post up doing this, so I won’t go into detail about mastering foreshadowing or anything like that, but…well, foreshadowing is all about giving hints and clues, and only half the truth. Saying that ‘it seemed destined to be there’ gave away absolutely everything and it was really lame sounding too. As the story continues and you foreshadow more and more about an event, you’re giving away slightly more information every time to the readers. So basically starting small and working to maybe medium size until the characters and readers figure out the truth.



4. You’d Never Believe the Amount of Mood Swings My Character’s Would GO Through!

Okay I literally went through a scene in my book and listed the ridiculous mood swings that my characters went through in a matter of mere seconds.


  • Hesitant
  • Happy
  • Playful
  • Solem
  • Shocked
  • Firm
  • Tearful
  • Unsure
  • Broken-hearted
  • Dumbfounded

And those emotions were in ORDER, okay?? And that scene was only a few paragraphs long!


So…um…just watch your characters emotions and make sure that they aren’t getting all freaked out from one emotion to the next inhumanly within the course of every three seconds.

Screen Shot 2019-02-10 at 2.39.03 PM

So! In conclusion to this terribly cringe-worthy post, hopefully you guys have learned from my mistakes and…yeah…just try not to write anything like what I did in your book. Now you know. YOU’VE BEEN WARNED.

Well, it’s all part of me growing as I writer I suppose! *bows while internally running away screaming because you do not wanna know how bad my first book really was…*


Also, I’m curious; if you guys enjoyed this post, tell me, and I can SO create part 2!


I hope you enjoyed this post! If you have any questions or thoughts, leave a comment down below.

Thanks for reading!





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7 thoughts on “4 Hilarious Mistakes I Completely Made When Writing My Book For the First Time”

  1. “After all, Gemstone Village was perfect, and nothing ever changed.” I remember you showing me the beginning of this book! 😂 I wouldn’t let you forget that line.

    Also, I definitely find that the second thing happens a lot to writers who don’t plan what they write/pantsers. *nod nod*

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, I do remember showing you a line similar to that one. I did end up quoting lines similar to that one QUITE a few times throughout the beginning of my book, so *cough* it might not have even been the same one 😬 😂

      That’s definitely true! I suppose I was (…I SO was) a pantser back then…

      Well, I’m glad that I’ve changed…like…everything. My book is better now, I promise 😂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Aaaa I so sympathize with this post! Whenever I read like, my first novella, (which I thought was so cool but it’s really trash) I’m just like “wow. I wrote this? I’ve come a long way!” 😂
    Well, it’s all in the life of a writer. We had to start somewhere.
    Great post! I’d love to see a part two! 😜

    Liked by 1 person

    1. YES! You stated it perfect; how we all think it’s cool but, uh, yeah, it’s trash. I know right!? 😂

      Very true! I know I still have lots to learn, but I’m glad I’m not AS terrible as I was before.

      Thank you Caleb! Ohhh yay, thanks for telling me! I’ll see if I can whip something up *rubs hands eagerly*

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Mary, really. I can DEFINITELY relate. I once wrote this story (about nine or so pages) in 5th grade for a writing project and you have NO idea how trash mine was. *facepalm* Really, whenever I look back at that story, I always wish that I never wrote it. XD (Btw, if you’re wondering why I’m posting this two years later, you’ll find out in part two of this. Yes, I AM FROM THE FUTURE!…Jk!)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. OKAY THANK YOU. Sometimes I have to remind myself I’m not alone 😅 Yeah, whenever I look back on my first draft I just cringe A LOT and then I’m thankful I’m turning it into something AMAZING. (Hehe that was awesome 😆)


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