Behind the Blogger Book Tag (And How I Kinda Ruin It)

Hello, hello, HELLOO!

*slurps tea and says in an over-extravagant British accent* Due to the fact that I was studying for two tests last week, in all my spare time designing a blog for Multimedia, reading and playing soccer every other spare chance I have, and totally loving my new Spiderman sweater…

…I have failed at thinking up a fantastic writing-post and super bad jokes to drive you crazy, when I happened to remember I have been nominated for yet another award. 

*you guys choke and spit your tea out everywhere*

*I calmly place my tea-cup down on my saucer* don’t worry though, I’m not being ridiculous and nominating 22 people, I’ll be nominating only 5 bloggers this time!

TADA! Look at me go!

Anyways! *throws tea-cup behind head and as I hear it shatter in the distance I proclaim to the world…* Let’s get started!!!

Screen Shot 2019-02-10 at 2.39.03 PM


Behind the Blogger Book Tag!


  • Thank the person who nominated you: Thank you SO much Caleb for nominating me for this award and entrusting me to ruin it forever and I should totally stop talking-
  •  Answer all the questions down below *salutes* Will do! always wondered what would happen if anyone dared not answer any…
  •  Pingback to the creator: Ellyn @ Allonsythornraxx (…I hope I spelt that right…*coughs*)
  • Nominate 5+ bloggers you’d like to know more about, to do this tag *evil laughs* you guys don’t want to trust me do do more…

Alright guys, do ye dare brave further? Cause I’m about to start!


1. Why Did You Start Blogging & Why Have You Kept Blogging?

Those are fantastic two questions smashed into one!

Well, I started blogging ’cause of two reasons:

  1. I wanted to help other aspiring authors such as myself by giving them writing advice on super neat subjects, and encouragement and help when they needed it.
  2. The second reason was, well, to build a platform for my book. In a few years, when I release my book to the world, I want you guys to know about it!
  3. To share my terrible jokes!!
  4. I’m kidding
  5. Sorta

Okay, onward ho to the second part of the question!

I’ve kept blogging cause um…why would I ever quit when I love it so much? Plus, there’s lots more super bad jokes really good writing advice that I still need to share with you guys! even though I totally had no ideas for todays post…*coughs* Also, I still need to get my book out there! So I’m still going on with the same reasons of why I started Wild Writing Dreams in the first place!


2. What is Your Favorite Type of Blog Post to Write?


Sort of, anyways *coughs*

I think the posts I’ve most enjoyed writing are my humor posts, plus I loved writing about fight scenes!

Now I have a question for you guys! What are the posts that you like me writing? Or what do you guys wanna see!? Tell me in the comments down below!


3. What Are Your Top 3 Favorite Blog Posts?



Okay, I’m just kidding.

Top three most awesomest posts ever:

Bringing Out My Blogging Voice + How to Ace Humor 

Of course I’m gunna love this post! I’m still experimenting with my blogging voice still, but I still love this post for standing up and being myself. Plus, I have some pretty hilariously awesome advice on acing humor!!! GO READ IT! SHOO!


4 Hilarious Mistakes I Completely Made When Writing My Book For the First Time Ever

I’m totally thinking of doing more posts like this soon! I love talking about my book in general, especially on my blog, so of course I’m gunna love this post!

Also, I’ve got a page on this blog all about my book, which I’m going to seriously try and update every few weeks, so always check back on it at least once a month to get super cool information about my book!

Top 5 Ways to Writing a Killer Fight Scene 

This post was so much fun to write!

I used to think I was SUPER bad at writing fight scenes, but flipping through the last written draft of my book, I actually realized I wasn’t half bad, and I shared some super good advice I’ve figured out over the years, so make sure to check that out!

Now I just looked up at the question and now I’m wonderin’ if it was asking for the type, type…so like writing, poetry, reading, tags, *coughs* OH WELL


4. What Are Some of Your Favorite Things to Do to Relax?

Well, Plan A is always: Read a book. I’ll flop down anywhere and just dive into a book. I mean, if I need to relax, that probably means somethings stressful in the real world, ya know? So why not dive into a made-up one!?

If I don’t feel like Plan A particularly that day, I’ll resort to Plan C, which is to draw! Whenever I draw, I can draw for hours on end, endlessly without thinking of a single thing except my drawing. I just draw forever until all of a sudden I snap straight out the trance and realize hours has gone by.

Also did any of you actually notice I skipped Plan B?


5. What Are 3 of Your Favorite Things?

Writing, soccer, and friends, all the way!


6. What Are Your Proudest Blogging Moments?

Probably breaking through the wall and bringing out my blogging voice! I know I already mentioned that same post, but hey, I’m proud of it!


7. What Are Your Hobbies Outside of Blogging?

Well I’ve obviously talked about them before, but I’m:

a book-dragon, I’m in love with soccer, I draw for hours, I sing and play piano and a bit of the ukulele, I’m starting to love doing hairstyles, I love creating and designing graphics, plus I love, love, LOVE talking to friends and people, so yes I shall count that as a hobby.

*rolls up speech and smiles to myself* all done!


8. Describe Your Personality in 3 Words:


*Sniffles* why is it that I always have the BEST speeches planned for these tags, and I only get a few WORDS? *cries*


Okay, I’m still only joking…sorta.

Anyways in answer to the question, I’d probably describe myself as: Quirky, kind, and positive. TADA.

(WAIT-I used four words-should I take out the ‘and’??? WHAT HAVE I DONE? AGAIN?)


9. What Are Your Top 3 Pet-Peeves?

*jaw drops* woooow! I was literally asked a similar question on my last tag!

…somethings going on here…

…WAIT-there must be some evil plan to figuring out everything that annoys me so that you guys can terrorize my life forever!!!!!!!


OH WELL, I’ll tell you guys anyways!

I am so gunna regret this

OKAY, here goes!

  1. When you sharpen your pencil, sit down, press it to your paper and CRACK-now you have a black hole on your paper, plus you have to re-sharpen the pencil and press your luck again.
  2. When you see someone put a tissue or a huge piece of paper in a book and then you have to start screaming and wailing and shove them a proper book-mark.
  3. When you have all the time in the world to write or read or plot out your book or, ya know, do any of your hobbies, and you seriously don’t feel like doing them.


10. What’s Something Your Followers Don’t Know About You?

*jaw drops again* ARE YOU TELLING ME, that you want me to share ALL MY SECRETS!????


(Just one Mary, just one...)


Well, this is something my family members obviously will know, but it didn’t specify followers + family members??? so I guess this is slightly cheating??? but when has that ever stopped me with these tags

One thing you guys probably don’t know about me is that I used to want with all my heart and soul, a violin. I wanted it so much that my parents bought me a toy violin once for my birthday. 

At first I was despaired, because they had taken the time to buy me a toy violin, why couldn’t they buy me a real one? (I don’t think like that anymore guys, this was when I was SUPER young.)

Anyways, I finally gave in, and ‘practiced’ on the violin a lot. I played with it until it broke, and the memory of ever wanting a violin slipped away. 

And then one day my second older sister got a violin. 


^Me Staring at the Violin and Screaming

Randomly, out of the middle of knowhere


-she’d gotten it, even though it had been my childhood dream???

Eh, I’m fine now. But I thought it was a pretty ironic story to share.


OKAY! And Now I Nominate 5 Bloggers!

*blows trumpets and toots horns*

Presenting the 5 bloggers! For a few of these bloggers, I decided to fly around the blogosphere, and find some cool blogs I’ve never heard of before that like writing and reading as much as I do! And now, presenting the bloggers!

Julia @ Julia’s Creative Corner

Julia @ Lit Aflame 

Lotte @ The Reading Hobbit

Nicole Dust @ Legend of a Writer

Anjali @ Positive Side of the Coin

Screen Shot 2019-02-10 at 2.39.03 PM

Well, I hope you guys liked finding out a whole lot of my secrets today! Make sure to check out Caleb’s awesome blog!


I hope you enjoyed this post! If you have any questions or thoughts, leave a comment down below.

Thanks for reading!




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8 thoughts on “Behind the Blogger Book Tag (And How I Kinda Ruin It)”

    1. YESSS! You are SO right-I didn’t!! VICTORY!!!! I must be getting better at ruining these tags or something *shrugs*
      WHhhhattt??? That’s crazy!! 😱 There must be some sort of thing between violins and sisters…I must figure this out now 😂

      Liked by 1 person

  1. “When you see someone put a tissue or a huge piece of paper in a book and then you have to start screaming and wailing and shove them a proper book-mark.” *cough cough* But I ran out of bookmarks to use… 😂

    Thanks for nominating me!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. One of my pet-peeves is whenever girls (or boys) under 12 and under have phones. I saw a 11 yr. old with a phone in a restaurant the other day (A beach restaurant I might add) and her parents were trying to talk to her but she just kinda nodded and said “Uh-Huh…” and just kept looking at her phone.
    Oh and her younger sister had one too. And she was an eight year old!
    Lord forgive me but I stared at her with a glare that would kill a cow. She caught my glance a couple of times, and she turned away quick, and started texting. I hope she wasn’t videoing me.
    She Never put the stinking phone away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Life, I’m I right???

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ooohhh yes, I can definitely agree with this. I don’t even own a phone so whenever I see some eight year old texting I internally start screaming 😂
      Hahha ‘that would kill a cow’ I am SO gunna use that sometime 😆
      Ugh, yes, that’s a big pet peeve and it’s super rude as well. But yup, definitely life 😧
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts Mary! (haha, it always feel funny to say that…) next time there’s a question on pet-peeves I’ll try and remember to tag you and then that way you can rant to the world 😂

      Liked by 1 person

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