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Top 9 Greatest Ways to Become a Better Writer

We all want to get better at our writing.

But isn’t it so interesting how many people will want to get better, and yet not take the action to do so?

Today, I’m going to be giving you guys the top 9 greatest ways that will help you become a better writer, and will inspire you to move you from wanting to doing (with the ninth tip being my absolute favorite!)

Alright, let’s get started!Screen Shot 2019-02-10 at 2.39.03 PM

1. Write

Hahahaahahhha, you’re so funny Mary, why in the world is this even on the list???


WEEEeeeell, this is something I realized when I stopped writing my book about a year ago and went off to research, learn, and become a better writer. I realized that while I’m off reading lots of great books about writing, I’m not actually writing while I’m doing so.

This is a problem because if we want to get better at something, that means you have to keep doing it again and again. And the thing is, if I’m over there reading everyday, well, let’s just say not a whole lot of writing is getting down.


SO! I strongly suggest that if you want to see your writing skills improve, you have to write something every day. And if you can’t write every day, I suggest to at least write something once a week.

Things you could write:

  • A story idea
  • Your book
  • A random story you’re just working on for writing purposes
  • A poem

And yeah! The list can go on! But I strongly suggest to keep on writing to get better and better so that when the time comes to write your novel, you’ll be greater writer than ever before!


2. Read Writing Books (Actual Good Ones Though!)

I’ve read many writing books, and they have dramatically improved my writing skills and knowledge as a writer, so I so, so, soooo suggest reading many different writing books before you ever publish a book.

There are SO many writing books out there, ranging from concepts that cover things as vast as plot to as simple and zeroed in as only covering fight scenes for the entire book.

The next step is to figure out the right kind of book.

So, what I would suggest is this: If there are some really good bloggers that you trust and they suggest writing books to you; take the time to check them out from your library, or even just read a few pages of it on amazon and then just go from there!

That’s about the best way I can think of doing it. As a side note, if you like the book you checked out or bought, you can check out more from the same author and get even more writing knowledge!

Of course, there are many writing books out there that suck and have tiny, tiny print or you can’t understand a word they’re saying, or you can’t see any way to apply whatever they’re talking about in your writing-so always watch out for those ones.

*hint-hint-wink-wink* want me to do a post on awesome books for writers?


3. Read Writing Blog Posts and Actually Try What They Say

It’s so interesting that many people will read your blog posts and yet they won’t actually do anything with all the information you gave them. 

So! What I suggest to you today is go and read a blog post, or go back to a blog post you really loved, and try and incorporate their advice into your writing today!

Just test it out! For example, let’s say they do a post on fight scenes. After reading it, go and write a page on a random fight scene using their advice and just see if it works!

Who knows, maybe it won’t work and won’t turn out good for anything, but what if it actually makes your fight scenes really amazing!? I guess you won’t know until you tryyyy!


…whyyy did I just sound like an ad?


4. Read Books and Pay Attention to How The Authors Do Things

As a writer, we are able to read books from a completely different perspective than when we’re just being a reader. 

I remember after learning about hooks, every time I opened up a book I would immediately judge the book by whether or not it had one. If they did and I didn’t like it, I would try and analyze why I didn’t like it, or why I did, and I would already begin to learn new tactics to input into my writing, right from the first page of a book!

And I love doing it.

A solid reason why I love it so much is because it means that I’m not just sitting there on the couch for hours anymore; I’m actually gaining knowledge that will help me write my own bestselling novel one day! And I totally think you guys should think of it this way as well!

So! If you pay very close attention to what and how (and of course, in specific scenarios you’ll be asking: who, when, where, and why along with the other two) the author does all these different techniques, you can actually learn how to input that into your own writing. And even better, if you read enough well-written books you will actually start inputing similar writing techniques in your own writing without even realizing you’re doing it!

You can really learn a lot from this-I definitely know I have!

Books I suggest to read for learning purposes and also because the second suggestion is the greatest book EVER:


5. Watch Movies and Pay Attention to How They Do Things

Exact same rules as with books.

I’m going to say movies usually don’t have important things that us writers should know about, and they do not follow a writerly structure, (they follow beats, and although it’s similar to writing, it’s different) but you can take away solid information from movies.

For example, if you watch Marvel, in Captain America movies you’ll see that they have super good fight scenes, and if you watch what they do and what parts you love best, you can start to figure out why they’re so good and how you can input that into your writing.

See what I mean?

Another quick example is if they foreshadow something in a movie (or a book!) that you didn’t see coming, you can go back and try and pick up on all the sneaky little notes the movie make (or author) slipped in.


6. Keep Your Options and Ideas Open (Hear Everyone Out!)

This one is super important, especially during book reviews, editing, and beta reading time for your book.

Although you might think a scene in your book is SOOOoooo cool…


…others might not.

The thing is, as the writer, you are going to see and read your book in a 100% complete opposite way than any reader will.

You’re accustomed to your characters, you know what’s going to happen, you remember scenes you had to write and rewrite and rewrite again and again and again-but the readers don’t know a thing. The reader knows nothing and will be viewing your book in a super open-minded completely different mindset than you.

I know it’s hard something if they go like, “Uh, no…this scene isn’t actually very good at all…BURN IT FOREVER!!!”


*cues creepy evil laughter*

…but you have to be able to handle it and try and look at your story from a different angle. From their angle.

Always be open to others opinions and ideas. I mean, sure, that doesn’t mean in the slightest that you have to actually use anything they say, but realize that this is going to be what real readers are going to be thinking when your book is out there for real in the world.


7. (If You Decide to…) This is How to Use Other People’s Feedback to Improve Your Writing

This is important.

You need people to read your writing before you ever publish a book. It’s just something you need.

So! Have other people read your writing and tell you exactly what they think.

After receiving constructive feedback, look back on your writing and try and figure out what you did wrong, what might of caused it, why it happened, how you’re going to change it, and how you’re going to prevent it from happening again.


8. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Bloggers for Advice

If you’re struggling with a subject or a part in your book, or you have a simple question ranging from, “how do I write strong minor characters?” to “can you do a post on good writing books?” you can always ask a trustworthy blogger.

Someone I highly recommend to everyone is ME K.M Weiland, who is a solid blogger and author, and she answers your questions fairly quickly with constructive advice. You can also email her, and she usually gets back to you in a few days.

Never be afraid of asking a blogger or someone else for help! They’re a fellow writer, just like me and you!


9. Don’t Give Up

Writers block, insults, failure, declines of your book from editors- there are many things that can apply to writers wanting to give up.

But don’t.

Why would you give up doing what you love most?

J.K Rowling never gave up after being declined many times by publishers, and now look! She’s a bajillonare for writing and doing what she loved most!

So even when it’s hard, never give up on your writing. Ever.


It's a slow process, but quitting won't speed it up.png

(^random graphic I decided to make)

Screen Shot 2019-02-10 at 2.39.03 PM

Although very different, all these tips, in one way or another, will help you grow as a writer. So keep doing what you love, and always be open to trying new things. *goes back to add-mode from before* who knows, it could change your writing forever.


Have you done any of these tips before?

Also, do you guys need any help with any of these 10 tips? Tell me in the comments down below!

Haha, soooo…*blinks innocently* anyone want me to do a post on awesome books for writers?



I hope you enjoyed this post! If you have any questions or thoughts, leave a comment down below.

Thanks for reading!



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15 thoughts on “Top 9 Greatest Ways to Become a Better Writer”

  1. I LOVE THE BOOK FAWKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT IS SUCH A GOOD BOOK!!!!!!
    Now that I’m done with all my fangirling, these are very good tips! But now I may just watch movies and read instead of writing. XD

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    1. Thanks Evelyn! Haha I know right…*thinks back to the first tip* no problem, and haha you definitely should! Only way to get better is to actually do it 😝 (then I start internally dying because it just struck me that I actually haven’t written anything except for blog posts in a very long time…oooohhhh boy, this isn’t good 😂)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. LOL 😂 alright, I shall definitely make the most of this party while I’m in it *grabs cake and confetti but makes a mental note to start writing sometime soon* 😆

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    1. Thanks Caleb!
      THANK YOU. Hahahaha, I have no idea why I was so persistent about it, but I was just waiting until someone brought it up 😂 Thank you for requesting it, I will definitely work on it now!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I was instantly wary when I saw the title of this post (because like… there’s SO many tips on how to become better 😂) but I think you pulled it off pretty well. These are slightly general tips but also specific, which is good. 😉

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