In Which I’m Crazy and Create a Tag for the First Time Ever


I have officially created the most ridiculously awesome tag EVER!

The idea sort of came from doing my collaboration with Julia. Afterwards I was like, ‘I loved doing that, and everyone else loved it too! I wonder if there can be a way for others to do it as well…’ which lead me to the conclusion: BOOM, I would just make it into a tag!

So today, I present to you a new tag: Relatable Hobby GIFs Tag!

Let’s get started!

Screen Shot 2019-02-10 at 2.39.03 PMCopy of Untitled Design.png


  • State the rules at the beginning of the blog post. (Yay, look me go!)
  • Thank the person who nominated you (or who you stole took the tag from) and leave a link to their blog. (*totally freaks out because no one nominated me so how can I thank them??? Oh well, thanks myself for creating this tag *shrugs**)
  • Link back to the creator of the tag itself. (yours truly! *bows*)
  • Display the graphic of the tag sometime in the post. *dusts off hands* already done!
  • Come up with 10 relatable GIFs and at least one funny/relatable sentence to go with it.  Use the theme the blogger provided you or that you took (but if you don’t want to do the theme, just do Disney).
  • Nominate 5 (or more) bloggers who you would love to see do this tag, and then nominate everyone who read the blog post.
  • Review the paragraphs of rules down below.

**I realized that this tag is actually quite applicable to anyone with a dominant hobby, not just writing. So my idea is this: You can do this tag on Relatable Drawing GIFs, Relatable Singing GIFs, Relatable Reading GIFs, etc! just as long as what you do it on is something that you know about. In other words, the tag must be based around a dominant hobby that you have.

Simply replace the name ‘hobby’ in the part of the tag, and insert your hobby instead. Then go find 10 relatable (and funny!) GIFs about it!

I know, a bit confusing, but I just wanted to explain it as thoroughly as I could! Just tell me if you guys are still confused about anything.

*Also, tip: Think of a situation you might find yourself in while doing this hobby and find a funny GIF to go with it.

Alright guys! I’m doing: Relatable Hobby Reading GIFs today, so let’s get right into it!

Screen Shot 2019-02-10 at 2.39.03 PM


*Personally, I find that the funniest way to enjoy this post is to read the big heading first, and then look at the GIF, but you can do whatever you’d like!


1. When We Finish An Amazing Book and We Don’t Know What to Do With Ourselves:



2. When Our Favorite Character Dies:



3. When Someone Bends Your Book and You’re Like:



4. When You Meet Someone Who Loves the Same Book as You and You’re Like:



5. When You See an Interesting Book Someone’s Reading:



6. When You or Someone Else Dumps Some Food or A Drink On Your Book and You’re Like:



7. When We’re Forced to Go Into Public But We Always Spend So Much Time Inside So We Don’t Know How to Act so We’re Like:


And Then Our Friends Are Totally Like:



8. After We Stay Up All Night Reading And We’re Still Traumatized The Next Day And So We Go Around Looking Like:



9. When We Start Talking To People About Our Favorite Books And We’re Like:



10. When Someone Interrupts You At The Most Intense Part of the Book And You’re Like:


Screen Shot 2019-02-10 at 2.39.03 PM

The Next Theme Is…


Use whatever GIFs you want to present your hobby! (And you always have the option to use Disney!)


5 Awesome Bloggers, I Challenge You to Do This Tag!

Julia @ Julia’s Creative Corner

Caleb @ Caleb E King

Sarah @ The Sarcastic Elf

Abby @ Sunshine Soul

Jo @ Pananaw

And to someone else very awesome…

…I nominate YOU!



For more references (and more awesome funniness!) head over here to the collaboration that I got inspired from!



What were your guys’s favorite one? I can’t even choose this time-I can definitely relate to #2, #7, #10, oh wait-I can relate to all of them haha! Tell me which one’s made you laugh, and which ones you can relate to the most!


I hope you enjoyed this post! If you have any questions or thoughts, leave a comment down below.

Thanks for reading!



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10 thoughts on “In Which I’m Crazy and Create a Tag for the First Time Ever”

    1. Thanks so much Mary Grace!! 😁 Ooo, well, I just go to Safari (although I’m sure google works) and just type in a certain Disney gif I’m looking for. I try to be as specific as I can, like I might just type in ‘big hero six Disney gifs fist pump’ or something like that. I also know there’s websites fully dedicated to GIFs like Giphy. Oh, and sometimes I even just make my own GIFs if I can’t find one already made 😛
      I hope that answered your question! 😄 I can totally help more if you’d like!

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