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In Which I Dig Into A Special Old Draft of Mine

OKAY GUYS, today I’m giving you some epic snippets from an awesome draft of a story that I will be continuing sometime in the next coming thousand years.

And it is very crazy.


and let’s get started!Screen Shot 2019-02-10 at 2.39.03 PM

I wasn’t expecting any visitors



I mean, guys, I had JUST turned 10 the month before I started writing this book, and BOOM: I HAD A HOOK.

I didn’t even know what a hook WAS back then!!

I guess I subconsciously did it? I’m pretty sure I rocked it, though, considering I had no idea what a hook even WAS!


Thank you, thank you *bows*

just so you know that’s the only good thing I did


The person was wearing a hood. The person took it off. It was a young girl.

Yay for my simple sentences, much.

Don’t write like that, please, I beg of thee.


“Your name is Jacob you are a human.” Levana explained.

I gulped. That was kind of creepy.

You don’t say…


“Good. This is a farm, that means you have a barn, correct?” She asked.

“Um, yes, but-

“Good. Then I will sleep in the barn with the animals, you can sleep in your bed which is on the second floor of this cottage. I will explain everything tomorrow.” She told me.

“Wait,” I exclaimed. She turned to stare at me, her hand on the door. “Well, um, this is just all so sudden-

“I will not touch the animals.” Levana promised. “Yes, it may seem sudden, but there is a reason for my sudden actions. Good night.” She opened the door and left towards the barn.



*starts screaming*


My horse was jet black, or in other words, pure black.

Pure genius at description, I am. *nods head and sips tea*



He just stood and stared at me.

I sighed, “Look, I care for animals a lot too, but If you want live a long life, you’re going to have to forget them for the time being.” I explained.


…was very deep.


And also super terrifying for those poor animals.


The human would believe once he would see my ears

To be fair, you don’t hear that every day.


“Can I ask you something?” Jacob asked.

“I was born to be ready.” I answered.


*slowly grins*

I was born to be ready for this too.


“If we don’t stop him in time, then you aren’t going to be able to live to see the day of your twelfth birthday.” Levana explained.

“Oh.” I looked down in disappointment. “That sucks.”

“Yes,” Levana nodded. “It does.”

Yeah…that would probably suck.

A lot.


My hands wobbled. “I don’t think I can do it!” I cried.

“No backing out!” Levana shouted from the side lines.

My hands started shaking. “I can’t do it!” I called.

“You have to!” Levana shouted back.

My hands wobbled all the more. “Once I think about it, it won’t work!” I shouted, the wind was making it hard to hear.

“Then don’t think about it!” Levana shouted once more.

The advice of my characters, guys. Like, SO on point.


“I only just started, besides, there’s no such thing as breaks when you save the world.” I explained.

*sniffles* I love this kid. 


“First answer to your question: I have my ways. And the answer to your second: I have my ways.”



Dulo nodded, and held out a hand. “Please to meet you.”

Jacob low fived him. “Pleasures all mine!”

Dulo raised an eyebrow. “Are you sure this boy is the one?” He asked me.  

I nodded. “Positive.”

I love when all my characters talk together; it’s great.


“Realistic huh?” Jacob said thoughtfully. “I’d give it a fifty-fifty.”

“You can’t do that, you have to say yes or no.” Dulo pointed out.

Jacob shrugged. “What can I say-

“Yes or no.”

“-it only happened recently.”

I could tell by then, that Dulo wasn’t interested in Jacob being the hero, and Jacob…? I couldn’t understand him at all.

These characters are just GREAT together.


“I never asked to be part of this team!” Dulo exclaimed.

            “You shape shifted.” I pointed out. “You were only asking to come.”

            “He can shape shift? Cool!” Jacob exclaimed.

            “Levana!” Dulo shouted. I was making him frustrated. I had never done that before.

            “Dulo,” I leveled my voice. “you need to teach him.”

            “Teach me what?” Jacob asked, eager to be in this conversation.

I love how Jacob is butting into their fight but neither of them are listening to him.


“I’m ready for anything!” Jacob saluted.

I smiled.

Dulo frowned.

            “When are you ready to start your real training? It will be slightly easier because you already have the bow and arrow part down.” I asked.

            Jacob smiled eagerly. “After a bathroom break!” And he scampered away, leaving me and Dulo disgusted.

And on that pleasant note, I will end this post right here!Screen Shot 2019-02-10 at 2.39.03 PM

Which one was your favorite snippet?

I know I didn’t give you much, but would you ever read this book?


**Also, last week I happened to disappear off the face of the planet because of something called an expository essay, so I’m sorry about not posting!!



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I hope you enjoyed this post! If you have any questions or thoughts, leave a comment down below.

Thanks for reading!



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17 thoughts on “In Which I Dig Into A Special Old Draft of Mine”

    1. Thank you Jasmin! Haha thank you 😆 Ooh awesome! I’m glad to hear that!! Aw thank you! Okay I know I’ve said this a LOT already, but thank you SO much Jasmin, this comment totally made my day 😊

      Liked by 1 person

  1. This was just SO GREAT. 😂😂 Thank you for blessing us with this. The commentary on this was perfection.
    (But please allow me to say that I am shocked you wrote this at 10??? This is way better stuff I would have written at 10! Good job, still.)
    If I might ask, what was the plot of this book? 😂 I’m a bit confused, but I’d love to know!
    (I would totally read this whole book, btw.)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh my gosh thank you so much Penny! 😊 Haha I loved commenting on it, it was a lot of fun 😂 (I know right, I’m a bit surprised myself, but I checked the dates to make sure, and I really was 10. Why thank you!)
      Oh, sorry that you were confused! I know I didn’t provide much information…mostly because there wasn’t a whole lot of plot going on. To make it as simple as I can (or else this comment will get WAYYyy to long) the plot was essentially that legend had it that there were three wands in the world, and each had it’s own power. If someone were to join all three wands that person would basically become the ruler of the world. This one guy is starting to rise up in power, and people were fearing that he would connect all three wands-especially because he already has two of them. So due to certain/unfortunate circumstances an elf (Levana) and her bodyguard (Dulo) are forced to search for ‘the chosen one’ (Jacob) (also yes the cliche just happened) who was prophesied to defeat the bad guy.
      I never got very far, but I had some really interesting stuff going on (also genius character bantering) so I think one day after I finish the book I’m writing right now, I’m going to thoroughly plot out and write this book.
      ANYWAY, sorry about this looonnggg reply, but thank you so much for asking about it! And ahh thank you, I hope in the next couple of years I’ll be able to write it so you can read it!


    1. Thank you Edna! Although I must admit that somehow after writing this draft I wrote others which…well, did NOT turn out as good 😂 So I honestly have zero idea how my 10-year-old self did this.
      Haha yes that one was definitely…different 😆
      I’m glad you enjoyed it! 😄


  2. My favorite was most definitely the “jet black, or in other words, pure black.”
    Very relatable post, hehehehe…*coughs* I, er, have NEVER written stuff like that.
    Word of honor.
    *shoves all her horrid unfinished novels of years past out of view*

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yessss I told that line to my sisters and they just CRACKED UP. I’m just that good *pats my own back*
      Hhahahahhahhaha that is honestly so relatable though 😂


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