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How to Write a Bestseller: Write A Book That Will Change YOUR Life

There are a lot of books that we’ve read that speak to us in some special way. The themes really resonate with us, and we couldn’t love the book more.

But what if I told you you could write a book like that? What if I told you that you should? What if I told you that you MUST write a book like that?Screen Shot 2019-02-10 at 2.39.03 PM

Some people write books.

Some people write good books.

Some people write amazing books.

And some people write a book that changes their readers lives.

That might feel like the point where it ends, but it doesn’t-it shouldn’t-stop there. You have to go further than that.

You have to write a book that changes YOUR life.

Why is this important? 

Because, if you write a book that is important to you on a deep level, then it will be important to readers too. 

Here’s the deal:

If you’re not connected with your story on that deep level, chances are your readers will come out of it feeling like they’re not connected to anything in that book at all.

Now, by ‘deep level’ I don’t mean all the hours of sweat and tears and blood and whatever else you put into your writing. By ‘a deep level’, I mean the THEME in your book.

Theme is a universal truth about life. Theme is what we need to learn to fix the problems of our lives. 

But not only that, theme should be a problem the author has, or had, and how they fixed it, or how they see their protagonist fixing it. The truth of how their life changed, or how they hope to change it.

We read to understand how to fix the problems of the real world by learning the solution in the fictional one. Meaning that we need the protagonists to go through relatable problems and challenges that we humans face all day and every day of our lives, and we need to see them overcome it so that when we reach the end, we suddenly know that there’s hope in fixing our problems. 

And the only way it can be relatable to us, is if it was relatable to the author.

So when you choose the theme of your book, don’t just slap something together and expect it be bone-deep resonating to your readers.

Instead, look at yourself. What did you used to struggle with? What ARE you struggling with? And now write about a character who struggles with the same thing.

And overcomes it.

Give readers the answer they seek, and I promise you, you will be selling hundreds of copies in no time flat.Screen Shot 2019-02-10 at 2.39.03 PM

This was a bit of a ‘deeper’ post than normal, if you want to call it that. But I really wanted to express how important theme is in a story. And how writing stories really changes you.

So keep writing. One word at a time.


Does your story resonate you?

Do you have a theme to your book?



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I hope you enjoyed this post! If you have any questions or thoughts, leave a comment down below.

Thanks for reading!






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How to Write a Bestseller_ Write A Book That Will Change YOUR Life

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20 thoughts on “How to Write a Bestseller: Write A Book That Will Change YOUR Life”

  1. I totally agree; it’s definitely important to include a good theme in your book. Having one can take a good book to a whole new level of awesomeness.

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  2. This was really well done! I completely agree with you! Your book should teach the audience something. All amazing books do. Remember, our pen can conquer the world just as well if not better than a sword.

    Liked by 1 person

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