It’s My Birthday! …Well, Sorta


Welll, no, actually. I’ve already lied like twice already and we haven’t even started yet. Really not a good way to show how much I’m ‘growing up’. Screen Shot 2019-02-10 at 2.39.03 PM

Well, guys, you know what this means.

I must make a speech.

*you guys start panicking to find earplugs at the same time as I hand you all boxes of tissues ’cause of course you will all be bawling in your seats by the end of this*

*clears throat* Here is my speech: 


Thank you, thank you.

*everyone cries happy tears because it was such a resounding, life applicable speech and they didn’t even need their earplugs*Screen Shot 2019-02-10 at 2.39.03 PM

So, okay, my real birthday is on Thursday, but I mean I celebrated it yesterday with my family and friends so I’m still in the mood to PARTY today!

Also fun fact I also lied twice last year.

Apparently nothing has changed.

Then again I’m still 14, so nothing technically has.

When are your guys’s birthdays?

What dessert do you like having for your birthday party?

(*Also, sorry for slipping off the face of the earth last week. School decided to drown me and I had no post prepared, so I had to skip. But lookie me go! This week I’m posting a totally non-writing related post with an heart-moving speech in it. I’m doing so well).

Image Source: https://www.pinterest.ca/pin/101894010302668960/

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27 thoughts on “It’s My Birthday! …Well, Sorta”

  1. Happy early birthday, Mary! *showers you in confetti* 😀
    I will happily do as your speech requested and gorge myself on cake!
    My birthday is in August, always at the start of school, which is no fun. :p My favorite dessert is either ice cream cake or…ice cream cake. (You gotta have the layers of whipped cream, smashed oreos, tiny m’n’ms, and ice cream sandwiches all in it for it to be good).
    You’re not the only one behind in posts *cough cough me*

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    1. Thank you, Lizzie!! *dances around in confetti*
      Haha, it is wonderful advice, is it not? 😆
      Aw MAN, that is no fun! OOooOO ice cream cake (and yesss it must have all of that stuff).
      Hehehe….I feel you *coughs awkwardly*

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      1. Lol you two are so funny! My birthday is in September and it was awesome! My favorite dessert as Lizzie said is ICE CREAM CAKE!!! It’s the best! Well happy early birthday! Hope you enjoy it and have lots of CAKE!

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  2. Happy birthday! I hope to see your writing skills grow as well!
    My B-day is in April, and this year was the best – COVID shut down any kind of party, and as an introvert, I don’t really like them anyway, so I could just enjoy being free of the stress that comes with a group of people who’d use my existence as an excuse to damage their liver.


  3. *taking the tissues* That speech was just so, so touching. And heartfelt What an amazing message. So, motivational. (This is me really: 🤣.) For cake, I’m a chocolate girl. Need I say more? Oh, and Happy *early* Birthday, Mary!! *throwing out party streamers and, of course, chocolate* 🎂🎉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. *sobs into tissues with you* I know, I hope my words touched many hearts today. (Ikr I was cracking up while typing this whole post up 😆)
      YES TO CHOCOLATE! *high-fives* No more words are needed, we are too busy eating chocolate.
      Thank you, Maggie!! *dances in streamers and totally eats all the chocolate*

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