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Top 10 Writing Resources You Need to Check Out



Have you ever had a writing problem that you couldn’t fix and didn’t know where to turn to for help? Today I’m going to be recommending to you 5 writing websites, and 5 writing books which will up your writing game like nothing else.

Let’s get started!

*Also, a HUGE thank you to Tori for requesting this post!!! (I’m not sure if you have a blog-if so, let me know and I will 100% link to you!)Screen Shot 2019-02-10 at 2.39.03 PM


1. Helping Writers Become Authors

I have been following K.M. Weiland for YEARS. She was has always been this, like, endless source of eye-opening content for me. I remember spending a literal summer just diving deeper and deeper and deeper into her posts every single day. I learned so much!

Her posts are sometimes quite long and slightly more advanced to understand as it’s geared towards adults, but she shares SO much great information every Monday! I highly recommend checking her out. Got a writing problem? Type it into her search bar and you’ve got at least a 90% chance it’s going to come up.

2. Abbie Emmons

Although I have not been following Abbie for as long as K.M., she is definitely the second longest super reliable blogger on writing that I know.

Currently she has not posted on her blog for a long time as she’s coming out with YouTube videos now instead! But her blog still contains a lot of good resources, and if you can’t find what you’re looking for there, I highly recommend her videos just as much as they are information FILLED.

3. Madeline Bartson

Although Madeline has not posted for a bit on her blog, her older posts don’t lack any quality or truth just because they’re from a while ago!

Her posts are always so information filled and super well formatted.

4. Julia’s Creative Corner

Alright, guys.

Let’s be honest.

If I didn’t include my sister’s blog…she would kill me.


^Julia dragging me away

Nahhh I’m just kidding *laughs nervously under Julia’s glare* her blog is solid. Plus, she includes gifs, so everything’s great.



(for those of you who don’t know, she’s my sister, and I’m teasing her, she wouldn’t do this)

5. Wild Writing Dreams

Guys, I…I have no words. I just love this blog. The blogger, Mary, is, like, SO incredibly talented and epic and you HAVE to check out her stuff, and-

*you guys start dragging me away*


yeah I know it’s the same gif, but it explains things well enough


1. Plot vs. Character: A Balanced Approach to Writing Great Fiction (Jeff Gerke)


  • I have, cover to cover, read this book.

A few years ago I TORE down my entire novel. 99.9% of it? Gone. The only thing that remained? A few names and a plot twist at the end. So, I was searching for ANYTHING to help me start up my book the right way. Which is when I found Plot vs. Character!

I found this book really helped me with Character more than Plot. (It did balance the two very well, though).

I was able to take a cardboard robot Will who never did anything wrong, and craft him into a personalized human being. The simplified Plot explanations were helpful, although I found I couldn’t plot much of anything using this book.

My favorite thing about this book was how Jeff Gerke simplified things, made it seem real easy, and then in the next chapter told you: Guess what? Because you did THAT before, now you’re already done half of this huge-looking problem. But it was so easy! You really can do this.

I’m sharing this one with you guys first because it’s a fantastic first book. The first book to read before you start plotting your book, or maybe if you’ve never ever read a writing book, this one is a good one to start out on. 

  • I found that I left this book with a personalized protagonist, and a readiness to start plotting my book!

Check Out the Book!

2. Creating Character Arcs: The Masterful Author’s Guide to Uniting Story Structure, Plot, And Character Development (K.M. Weiland)


  • I have, cover to cover, read this book.

Yup, guys, K.M. Weiland made it on the list twice! (’cause I love her content obviously).

Okay, guys: this book was mind-boggling opening.


Sometimes it’s hard to understand everything she’s talking about, sometimes it’s hard to remember that these are guidelines, not dead-set rules-BUT.

Please, please, please, read this book. It will change your writing life, and your book, like how it changed mine. Your writing is going to explode in greatness after this.

  • This book expanded my knowledge into the writing world. I’d never heard of such a thing as ‘Character Arcs’ until this book, and it’s changed my whole writing game for the better.

Check Out the Book!

Check Out the Workbook!

Check Out her Blog!

3. Save the Cat!: The Last Book on Novel Writing You’ll Ever Need (Jessica Brody)


  • I have, cover to cover, read this book

No, her title isn’t that much clickbait on it being ‘the last book on novel writing you’ll ever need’. Out of every book I’m sharing to you today, this book is my favorite.

First, I highly recommend reading K.M. Weiland’s book before this. That way you can get a solid, detailed, in depth look at where the points actually go, as Jessica Brody occasionally morphs a few points into one long one.

Otherwise…she explains things in this awesome, simplified, understanding way. Every sentence matters, and she rarely ever uses big words, and it’s really easy to understand. I’m literally finishing up a rough skeleton of a plot for my book using this very book right now. 

  • This book would leave me inspired as well as bring out SO much inspiration. An idea would hit me suddenly and I would be chicken-scratching all over my notebook in my haste to write down EVERYTHING.

10/10 you must read this book.

Check Out the Book!

Check Out her Blog!

4. Fight Write!: How to Write Believable Fight Scenes (Carla Hoch)


  • I have not cover to cover read this book, although I have read about 3/4’s of it.

Alright, this is a very specific book, as it only focuses on writing fight scenes. So, if you’re a contemporary writer: this book is not exactly for you unless you’ve got some bullies or epic back-ally brawls that you need to write in.


For fantasy writers who write fight scenes, though? This book is for you.

I thought I wasn’t half bad at writing fight scenes-looking back, I will admit, I actually wasn’t.

But there was SO much I was still missing. If you have literally any fight scene in your book, you’ve got to read this.

  • Every time I pick up this book and read it, I feel energized and ready to write an epic fight scene. Some of my most realistic fight scene snippets have come out of reading this book, as well as some of my best how to write fight scenes blog posts.

Check Out the Book!

Check Out her Blog!

Check Out her Channel!

5. Troubleshooting Your Novel: Essential Techniques For Identifying and Solving Manuscript Problems (Steven James)


  • I’ve read a good amount of this book, but I will admit I have probably not even read half.

Okay guys, this book is epic for editing. I’ve read a good chunk of it, and basically it’s this whole book with a trillion chapters. Each ‘chapter’ is based off of a subject (ex: Suspense, or Backstory, or Foreshadowing) and the chapter can range from 2-5 pages, although they’re usually about 3 to 4 ish I find.

This book is supposed to be used for when fixing your manuscript flaws. Feel like your foreshadowing is cringey? Pop open this book, flip to the chapter, do a quick read-through, and fix it! Viola!

(I will admit that I have never used this book editing anything before, but I’m quite sure this technique would work).

  • This book is super awesome to just open up and quickly read up on a problem that you can fix in a few minutes. Perfect for editing, but also if you’re struggling with something while writing, it can be an awesome resource to use as well.

Check Out the Book!

Screen Shot 2019-02-10 at 2.39.03 PM

These aren’t the only writing books these authors have written! I know for sure some of these authors have multiple ones out. I have not gotten my hands on all of them yet, but they’re definitely solid authors.

Plus, make sure you check around the blogs I recommended! (Especially #5’s content, she’s, like, the literal BEST-)

And on that totally 100% humble note, I’m just gunna go before things get weird and Julia finds me to drag me away somewhere.


^me hiding from Julia and totally pretending she isn’t reading this post right now

Have you ever heard of/read these blogs and/or books?

Interested in checking any of them out?

Got any reliable blogs/books you would add to this list?

*I hoped this helped you, Tori! Let me know if this was any good!!

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I hope you enjoyed this post! If you have any questions or thoughts, leave a comment down below.

Thanks for reading!


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Top 10 Writing Resources You Need to Check Out

32 thoughts on “Top 10 Writing Resources You Need to Check Out”

  1. First off, I’ve heard soooooo many good things about Wild Writing Dreams!!!! I will definitely have to check that site out. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Hmmm…while we’re recommending writing sites, I’ll put in a good word for Teen Writers’ Nook. I hear they’ve got a few useful writing tips.😆
    Anywayyy moving on from that. XD THIS WAS A REALLY GREAT LIST OF SOME SUPER AWESOME SITES/BOOKS I WILL TOTALLY HAVE TO CHECK OUT!!!!!!! I HAVE NO IDEA WHY I’M WRITING THIS IN ALL-CAPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (And I LOOOVE those Tangled GIFs!!!!! AWESOMENESS. XD)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I KNOW RIGHT. I’ve been hearing these rumours that it’s going to be up there as one of the big writing blogs of 2021 and on 😱😱 😱 (kidding, kidding) Yesss GO TWN!!! *pumps fist in air*
      (yesss I had WAY too much fun using those 😂)

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Ooooh these are all amazing recommendations. I can’t wait to check them out! Must have taken you quite a while to be able to find so many sources (granted, you probably discovered most of these before you created this post). I don’t write much (except for school *cries*), but sometimes I do it as a hobby, plus I run a blog so writing is kinda in the deal. I loved this so much, thank you for saving me time from having too look for resources hehe.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Shermaine!! Yeah, I’ve been wanting to do this post for SO long, but I had to wait until I had a solid opinion on the books so that I would be recommending good information 😆 Agh, school writing *cries over essays* haha, yes writing definitely comes in when blogging 😂 Yay, I’m so glad you liked this!! My pleasure!!


  3. Hahahaha I have no idea why I hadn’t put two and two together yet and realized you and Julia were sisters. I feel slightly embarrassed. But also maybe I did know that at some point and just forgot?
    Needless to say this post was entertaining XD
    Also, I have read Save the Cat – the first one? – about script writing and greatly enjoyed it. I’ll have to check out the novel one!
    (yeah i don’t write plays or movie scripts but it was a very good book all the same lol)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LOL that’s hilarious! Well, suuurrrppprriiiseee! Haha that could totally have happened.
      Wahoo, thank you, Evelyn!!
      Ahh yes, I’ve heard lots about that one and I have been wanting to read it!! I think the one I recommended is based off of that version, just geared towards writers specifically.
      (lol that’s cool though!! Screenwriting books can be super good too, and I’ve been even looking into reading some recently!)


  4. THANK YOU SO MUCH! This is exactly what I’ve been looking for: great resources for writing that aren’t constantly swearing at you! I just started the Jeff Gerke book and it is AMAZING. Thanks so much for compiling this list!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw I’m so glad this was helpful for you!! Ahhh I KNOW right!? Unfortunately I do think Save the Cat has a couple of swear words in it that I was not aware of by the time I bought it…however, it has significantly less than some other writing books I’ve tried to read. Anyway, I LOVE Jeff Gerke’s book!! It was my pleasure! 😁


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