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17 Things You Probably Don’t Know About My Book (Pt. 2) + Celebrating 200 Followers!!!


I can’t believe it: I hit 200 followers last week after posting.

THANK YOU SO MUCH TO EVERYONE. Thank you to everyone who has been here since the beginning or maybe just joined. Thank you to everyone who comments and says my posts have helped them. You’re all so amazing!!! *hands out cakes to everyone*

And to celebrate further than just cake, I’m sharing with you all today the much requested Part 2 of Things You Probably Don’t Know About My Book!

Let’s get started!!

*Note: While you don’t need to read it before this post, feel free to check out Part 1 of this!

Screen Shot 2019-02-10 at 2.39.03 PM

Facts About My Book I’ve Had to Change

1. I was trying to give all my characters some cool last names, but one thing I infinitely struggle with is naming characters. SOooOOo, I had this genus idea to name Will…Will Smith. It took going to the movie theater to see Spiderman: Far From Home and glancing at a giant-sized poster for Aladdin to realize that “Will Smith” is the name of a very famous actor *slaps forehead* I was so shocked and then annoyed for the longest time…until I realized it was a gaping plot-hole for Will to even KNOW his last name, so now he’s just Will.

2. My book is based around the Elements, so I used to have Wind power.

3. And guess what! I cut out a whole MAIN CHARACTER. Her name was Willow, and she controlled (you guessed it) Wind! (Also how did I not realize the similar names of “Will” and “Willow” might confuse people??)

4. Although I mentioned this in Part 1, I wanted to go further into my book title naming experience. It was actually first named “Gemstone Village” but I think in a couple of weeks of starting I was able to change it to “The Gemstone Keepers”, which I was really proud of until it got shot down after someone told me they’d never read a book named that. Out of stubbornness I just kept it named that until I had the GENUIS idea to change it to…DUN DUN DUNNNN: “The Gemstone Warriors”…because THAT was suuuuuch a dramatic change, amiright!? But a couple of months ago while plotting a huge new thing in my book, I stumbled upon my current title “Threads of Time” which everyone seems to like now! I have no idea if I’ll find a more applicable title or if publishers will end up changing my title some years in the future, but currently I’m loving this one.

5. Threads of Time’s abbreviation is TOT, so I’ve been calling it “My little TOT” for a while now hehehehe.

6. Will used to have spiky jet-black hair and now I’ve just imagined him with dark brown. Sometimes I vaguely still imagine him with black hair just from habit, but currently he’s got brown hair now!

7. Anya used to be so ridiculously pretty (seriously, guys, she had no personality. She was just pretty. That was her purpose.) (AKA SO GLAD SHE AINT THE PROTAGONIST RIGHT NOW-) And because she was so pretty every single new guy character that came into the book and I mean every single one! fell in love with her. Which is kind of disturbing. Because some of them were kind of old.

8. Apparently Will was like…in charge of everything. He was in charge of the mission, he was in charge or THE FINAL BATTLE (even though there were some pretty capable adults around who could’ve filled in that role?) and just generally thought of as a leader. And he was like…13.

9. I used to have this really powerful guard from Montu who was chasing after my group of characters because he’d thought that they’d kidnapped Faith (who for some reason forgot to mention to her soldiers that she was leaving on a dangerous mission *cough cough*). Lemme just say, he doesn’t exist anymore.

10. During my final climactic battle, I used to have this thing that just happened where the battle would start at dawn and end at sometime in the evening or something and they would just retreat to their camps and clean up the fallen bodies and just start again at dawn. It was…very strange.

Old Scene From My First Draft

Here’s an interesting battle scene I found from my first draft! It has some grammar mistakes, but hey, I thought I’d just leave ’em in.

While I have no plans to use this in my book anymore, please don’t steal my words, alright guys?

Raising her arms as high as they could go, Anya released her arrow with much effort. Her arm begged for attention, but she fitted another arrow to the string, and pulled it up once more.

“There are…so many…” Emma gasped for breath as she let loose her arrow.

Anya gritted her teeth, and didn’t answer as she yet again fitted another arrow to her bow.

By the time she’d already let loose a few arrows, her arms were sore all over and were asking for her to stop.

But Anya pushed through, pushing the pain away from her mind, and focusing on the main problem at hand.

Orcs were breaking free from the ever-dwindling barrier of soldiers. Emma dropped her bow and stumbled towards the orcs, even though her strength was waning.

She planted her feet firmly on the ground and faced the two orcs charging toward her. She thrust her hands upwards and tree roots started to grow as a barrier. They grew and grew, climbing higher and higher until there was a thick, wall like, structure of tree roots and leaves protecting them.

Anya had to forced her bow to go a little higher, but she didn’t mind, for, the goblins started smashing the leaves, but they grew back, and Emma was grabbing the orcs all around their bodies with her leaves. They struggled, but Emma held firm.

Anya’s heart leapt with renewed hope, and she notched another arrow to her bow. There was still hope left.

Cool New Stuff In My Book Right Now

11. There are 4 Elements: Fire, Water, Earth, and Time. And yeah I threw out Wind being an element, you have to ignore that, it’s way cooler without it, trust me.

12. Unfortunately I won’t be able to explain the whole plot and reasons why of my book right now…but a big plot point in my book is that the Elements are stirring. In fact, they’re destroying. The earth is splitting open and swallowing crops. Waves on normally calm waters are consuming ships, and the temperatures are out of whack.

13. Because of his really strange background (or lack thereof), Will is thought of as a curse and is continually blamed for bad things that happen in Athwil.

14. To give you a vague idea of why it’s taking me so long to plot this thing, I currently have 2 full-on arcs going on in the story, two minor arcs, and 5 huge backstories threaded in. 

15. The characters with character arcs will be Will, Hilda, Anya, and Tom. 

16. And because of these character arcs, I’ve been able to give Hilda a purpose. Before, she was just some angsty teenage girl with some anger issues who decided to destroy the world…? But now she’s a literal second protagonist to my book.

17. This kind of fits in the middle of both my sections in this post, but whenever I have some very side mentioned-only-once characters, I’m 100% going to be throwing some personal “Easter eggs” in where I name them after characters who used to be important to the plot of my book and now don’t exist in the plot anymore.

Snippet Scene From My Book Right Now:

***Note: Again, I have no idea if this scene or any sentence from this scene will make it into my final book, but still please do not steal any of my ideas or words

*I’m sorry I had to take out some words, I really don’t want to spoil big points, but this was my only big and relatively good snippet from my plotting sessions. Sorry that there’s so little context! This is Hilda’s POV.

“What?” I whispered into silence, my voice sounding hoarse and loud in my ears. Why would he dare go back? After how wretchedly I had *retracted for spoilers*?  He was an idiot. Perhaps they would *spoilers, sorry guys* – but, no. He would not have informed me unless the boy had regained his position once more. Suddenly, my whole body was shaking, quivering, vibrating in rage. “How?” I choked. “No one ever forgives so easily. Ever.” The truth of the words stabbed like a knife to my heart, but I mentally wrenched the weapon free and flung it at Will’s neck. How could someone so pathetic be welcomed back into that group, even after everything he’d done? My vibrations of rage turned to heaving, racking, ugly sobs of jealousy.

Fun Collage!

Alrighty, guys, moving on from the DRAMATIC snippet, I made a fun collage recently where I just played around with some colors and photos, and this is what came from it!

Screen Shot 2021-05-10 at 1.59.23 PM

What do you guys think!?

Screen Shot 2019-02-10 at 2.39.03 PM

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What’re your thoughts on the collage?

Did you like my snippets?

It’d probably take longer to pull it off, but who’s up for a Part 3!?


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Thanks for reading!


37 thoughts on “17 Things You Probably Don’t Know About My Book (Pt. 2) + Celebrating 200 Followers!!!”

  1. *chants* part 3! part 3! part 3!
    Ohhhhh and Mary I see that Star Wars pic in there 😏 anywho! The collage is AWESOME! Per usual.
    And the snippets???? Hmmmm……

    that’s all I have to say.

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    1. Ahaha alrighty, writing down a request for that 😂
      AHAHAH…you weren’t supposed to see that, nice eye 😆 Thank you!!!
      AHH SORRY, I’m going to say thanks to that as well and just hope I did something right 😝


  2. Fun! I love your graphic as well. I find it intriguing that Will doesn’t know his last name. Hmm… does he find out what it is later? Unless you can’t divulge that. XD
    I actually have something similar with one of my characters, Seth. He was adopted by the MC and her brother, and they renamed him Seth. Gets me wondering what his given name actually is… but *shushes* I can say no more.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you!! Actually, thinking about it now…there IS a way he could remember it, but I don’t think I’d put it in this book. Potentially, though, he could remember…😝
      OOOo, so cool!! *super huge gasp* whhhhhat noooooo…fine 😆 I will just have to get my hands on your book someday hehe

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That actually sounds like a really good idea for a sequel! Haha, thanks! XD
        Oh, and by the way, would you mind if I took inspiration from your post and compiled some random fun facts on my own book or characters? I would credit you, of course. If not, that’s totally okay! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Haha, actually, super big fun fact: I have so many big backstories and foreshadowing going on that I’ve been considering for a while in creating this singular book into a trilogy series. I haven’t come to a final answer yet, but it’s been a big idea for me!
        Oh, for sure!! Of course!! Thank you for asking, but it’s totally okay! Now I can’t wait to see it 😆

        Liked by 1 person

  3. MAAAAAAAARYYYYYY!!!!!!! THIS WAS AMAZING, FANTABULOUS, 100% SUPERBALICOUS!!!! (Which is TOTALLY a word starting now.) I was like SCREAMING with excitement!!! (Internally, of course. That *might* be slightly concerning to others if I did it aloud.) XD Your snippets and just the whole book is SO AWESOME!!!! *cough* Get it published now *cough* XP (Also, TOT? Genius. Pure genuis.) 😉 And I Ioved your Will Smith story! XD

    Oh, and GIRL. That graphic is SOOOO COOL!!! I could literally stare at it ALL day! Ooh, and Rey too! (Yeah, you didn’t get away with that one.) ;P (But I have to admit *whispers* I do the EXACT same thing too! Mostly with pulling off pics of male actors from the internet for my guy characters because Canva literally has the WORST selection of dudes ever…for my stories at least.) XD

    Also, YES TO A PART 3!!! And CONGRATULATIONS TO 200 FOLLOWERS!!!!!!! *showers you in confetti and chocolate and party streamers and balloons and every other celebratory thing in existence BECAUSE YOU SO DESERVE IT MARY* It’s been such a joy following your blog and not a post goes by that doesn’t give me a smile or a laugh!!!!! 😀 😀 <3333

    Liked by 2 people

    1. AHHHHHHHH VICTORIA, THANK YOUUUUU! (Ahahaha, I love that word now 😂) Oh my gosh!! (LOL…yeah it *might* be slightly concerning. Slightly 😆) Ahaha! I can’t wait for it to be published! I’m SO SUPER CLOSE to getting out of the plotting stage and actually getting writing, I’m sooo excited!! (LOL IKR) Ahahah, thank you 😆

      Thank you!! Mannnn, I thought I was being so cool but it’s not escaping anyone 😆 (Oh my gosh, YES. Canva SO DOES THOUGH, I 100% do the same thing!)

      Yayyy, a Part 3 shall appear sometime in the future then!! THANK YOU!!!! *dances a weird celebratory dance and eats the chocolate and gets coated in streamers and balloons* Aw my goodness, that makes me so incredibly happy!!

      Okay, like, I know I’ve said thank you probably WAY too much in this comment but just THANK YOU FOR THIS WHOLE COMMENT IT SERIOUSLY MADE MY DAY YOU’RE SO AMAZING!!!!!! *showers you with chocolate and streamers and balloons and many more celebratory things*


  4. AHHHHH YAYYYYY!! I know that you SOOO deserve all 200 of your followers.. and more 😉
    This was so awesome 🤩 I loved getting to know more about your book, and I know I’ve said this about a thousand times, BUT I NEED TO READ IT DJFBDBDBFJR
    I think Threads of Time is a much better name, although the other ones DO sound cool 😁
    And wow I absolutely love that graphic!!! I have the hardest time with them because I don’t like being lazy and using the canva templates and end up working on it forever and then give up……
    But anyway XD love yours 🤩
    The snippet is just so awesome 👏 (and confusing without context but I’ll let that go *cough cough*)
    And PART 3 PLEASE ✨

    Liked by 1 person

    1. AHHH THANK YOU SO MUCH RAYNA!!! Wooo, I’m so glad!! (Ahhh, sorry! Super exciting news though…I’m going to be writing it this year. I’M SO EXCITED!!!)
      Yesss thank you! Aw, really!? You’re the first person who’s actually liked my old titles 😱
      Thank youuuuu! AHAHA I KNOW RIGHT. I’ve tried doing that before and just gave up. Now I just like finding nice templates and tweaking them a tiny bit so it’s, I dunno, slightly more original (in my mind anyway; it’s probably not original at all).
      Thank you!! Oops, sorry! It’s hard for me to remember sometimes that I’m the only one who kind of knows what’s going on in my crazy plot, so it’s hard trying to find good snippets + snippets with minimal spoilers + snippets that make sense 😂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. AHH YOU’RE FINALLY WRITING THE FIRST DRAFT? Best news all day 😉
        What, whyyy? I means Threads of Time IS a definite winner of the three (or wait, was it four? 👀), but the others all sound like valid names, and really cool ones at that.
        Ah, that actually sounds like a good idea! I suppose I’ll try it!
        Hehe, it was still a good snippet 😉

        Liked by 1 person

      2. WELLLLLLL I’m not writing it YET, but I’m hoping to write it this summer!!! I’ll probably still need to plot a few things at the start of summer, but then I’ll actually be able to start writing!!!
        Thank you! (maybe it was four? 🤔 can’t remember at this point LOL) aw, thank you!! Honestly, I don’t know why. I myself thought they were pretty cool buuuuttt I can clearly remember telling people my titles and they very obviously told me they’d never read a book named that 😅
        Ooh, awesome! Hopefully that works for you then!
        Yayy, thanks!!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. That’s still really good news 😄😄
        Ah, our excellent memories, amiright? 🤦‍♀️ Hmm. I dunno if I would. I don’t care about titles very much 😆
        Yeah 😜
        Of course 🤗

        Liked by 1 person

  5. Oooo the graphic is so cool! And it’s really fun to see how much this story has grown and changed with you. It really sounds like such an interesting book, so I can’t wait to see where it goes from here!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. CONGRATULATIONS ON 200 FOLLOWERS!!!!!!! Mary that is sooo AMAZING and I’m just soooo happy for you!!!! You ABSOLUTELY 100% DESERVE THIS!!!!! Wild Writing Dreams is my FAVORITE blog ever and I’m honestly soo happy I found it!!!!!!! Your tips and posts are da best and you always end up leaving me laughing my head off. (*cough* well, that was kinda descriptive. 😳)

    Anyways, the more you talk about your book the more I fall in love with it and can’t wait until the day I can finally read it!!!!!!! It’s all sooo interesting and unique!!!!! And the whole element magic stuff and them destroying the world and Will’s whole mysterious past… like girl, GIVE ME MORE!!!!! This is AMAZING!!! (it’s like what Gemma said, you’re killing us over here, girl. XD) Also I LOVE THE COLLAGE SOOOO MUCH!!!!!! *all da heart eyes* I’d TOTALLY LOVE a part three!!! <33

    Liked by 1 person

    1. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH, ISSABELLE!!!! Ahhhh, that makes me so incredibly happy, and oh my gosh, Wild Writing Dreams is your favorite!? 😱 *runs away to cry happy tears*

      AHH, REALLY!? I know I said thank you already, but like, THANK YOU FOR THIS ENTIRE COMMENT!!!! (lol, I think I have a bad habit of slowly killing everyone by basically giving nothing away…oops 😅) AHH, THANK YOUU!! WOOO, YES, I’m totally making a part 3!!!

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