About Me, Myself, And I

Welcome welcome welcome one and all who dared to venture into my realm of insanity. 

You probably will never come out. 

Okay, well, if you’re still here you probably want to know a bit about me and all my deepest darkest secrets of life! because that’s always enjoyable


Currently, I’m a super old person of the jaw-dropping age of sixteen years old. ’cause THAT sentence made English…

My deep, heartfelt biography (there’s never a dry-eye in the room after it), is that I’m a writer, (hence the blog name) a reader, (SO shocking right there, I know guys), a blogger (this just keeps getting more and more insane, amiright?), a drawer (Occasionally I share some of my drawings here), a singer (the highest note I’ve ever sang is a high F), and a sports person! (I was gunna say sportster because everything else I listened ended with ‘er’. But is that a word? What does that even MEAN?)

(I think it’s a car).

(or something)

(yeah, it’s probably something).

Okay, it’s okay guys, I’m done now *hands you all tissues*

So! On this blog you can expect to see: Lots of humor and sarcasticness, lots of GIFS, tons of helpful writing advice to enhance your writing progress, and lots of fun!

And chocolate.

Can’t forget the chocolate. 

Also, I’m sorry about the ads? I’m not planning on getting a payed domain for awhile yet, so you guys are just gunna hafta bear with me!

Anyways, I really appreciate your time for reading this ridiculous post and checking out my blog! I want this blog to be about not only my adventure of blogging, writing, dreaming, and achieving, but yours to! Enjoy!


No Taking God’s Name in Vain

Even if it’s an acronym, I’m going to have to edit your comment. Now let me just say this: I hate editing people’s comments because that just doesn’t feel right to me-your words are your words-but any language will be deleted or replaced. Thanks everyone!!!

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