About Me, Myself, And I

Hi! My name is Mary Herkel, and I’m thirteen years old!

Screen Shot 2018-10-03 at 12.49.36 PM.png

My passion is writing, but up until this year, I didn’t actually know different writing techniques that make a book…a book! So, after reading a gazillion posts by super awesome bloggers, I felt like I was starting to grasp writing in a whole different, new, and exciting way!

So, I’ve started a blog!


Other Than Writing…

Other than writing, what do I do? 

Well, for one, I read a lot! (SURPRISE!) 

I draw (I’ve been practicing human anatomy.)

I sing (I’m in an awesome choir!) I also play piano and the ukulele.

I find myself quite hilarious, so they’ll be probably a joke or two somewhere in these posts. /be prepared for either laughing super hard, or staring at the screen saying, “Whhhaa?”

And, I dream! Definitely, one of my dreams was to have a blog, which will help me towards one of my big dreams, which is to be a published author. 

Well, I’ve officially completed one of my dreams, (except for the adds? Excuse the adds, please.) because, if I hadn’t, I’d have no idea how you’d be reading this right now. 

Okay, now I’m creeping myself out.


Anyways, I really appreciate your time for reading this and checking out my blog! I want this blog to be about not only my adventure of blogging, writing, and dreaming, but yours to! Enjoy!

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