Awesome Stuff About My Book(s)

Hellooo to you guys who clicked on this page! High-five! 

This is the section where I’ll be keeping you guys updated and on top of the book(s) that I’m writing currently! 

I really hope you check them out down below! I’ll be doing a lot of really amazing/TOTALLY COOL things this year of 2019 for my book that I’m currently working on, so make sure to check out this page often because a lot of coolness is gunna happen really soon!MaryScreen Shot 2019-02-10 at 2.39.03 PM


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*Note: Everything here on this page possibly will be changed, it’s not totally set to be what it is. Still, please do not replicate anything on this page.


Name: The Lost Gems of Valor



What Stage I’m At: 

I’m currently doing character arcs for all my characters. I’m shaping them into realistic awesomeness right now! While doing character arcs, I’m also wrangling with my complex plot, and-ugh-worldbuilding. (I’m not very good at that)


Word Count:

Zero words. (Unless plotting on paper counts? I have been writing a lot.)


I’ve Drafted It…

This is like my fourth or fifth time, and literally the first time I’ve ever started plotting it. The first…uh…three of four times was just a whole lot of rambling, so this time is definitely going to be sooo much better!


My Beta Readers:

Although I actually already have a few lined up, my book is nowhere near ready to be beta read!!! So technically it’s not open yet, but if you guys keep an eye on this section of this page, I’ll be opening up beta reading sometime in the future!


Drawings of My Characters:

To find out the story of how this phenomenal picture came to be, look no further except here!!!

And now! This AMAZING drawing done by my oldest sister Cecilia!!!


Isn’t it just sooo awesome!? Tell me what you think!

And guess what!! There’s more to come soon!!!!


Character Descriptions

Thank you so much to Esmeralda for asking me to put up my character descriptions!!

I’m thinking of putting one up every week. I’ll let you guys know all about updates happening on Mondays!


Will (Main Character)

Eyes: Normal

Eye color: Warm chocolate-brown with dark flecks

Eyebrows: Normal

Skin: Smooth

Skin color: Slightly tanned

Face: Chiseled 

Nose: Normal

Lips: Normal

Hairstyle: Tousled in a good-looking way

Hair color: Coal black

Body: Tall, not very strong

Hands: Soft

Age: 14

Personality: Determined, brave, and actually really sweet, but he’s also, a wimp, believes things too readily, and lets himself get pushed around. So in a sense kind.of. pessimistic? But after he learns the Truth he’s totally AWESOME! 

Clothing: Red no-sleeved jacket with gold stitching and buttons. It’s a bit longer than the shirt. White flow-ey long-sleeved shirt. Black pants and tall black boots. Brown leather belt around his waist for his sword. (*I might be changing his outfit to look something more like the picture Cecilia drew for me)

Sword: Fancy rapier with a gold hilt.



Weeeelll, I have got a premise down, butttt I’m gunna be super evil and not share with you guys yet. I’ll definitely be sharing it with you guys soon-IT’S REALLY COOL-but I’m going to hafta force you into waiting.

I know.

Sadly, patience is definitely required. 



Hahaha…I’m not even sure why I created this section of this post. I meannnn…huh, I’m nowhere near ready to get a cover yet. 

But when I do….

This section will be open for me to put it in *rubs hands eagerly* 


Screen Shot 2019-02-10 at 2.39.03 PM

If you guys want to know more about anything of my book, just tell me in the comments below! I’d love to hear from you!


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