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Here at this crazy corner of the blog, I’ve been requested from my survey to add a section here where I show some of my favorite books for people to check out! Well, your wish is my command *bows*. Down below, I’ve got some of my most favorite reads ever!

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A Book With The BEST World-building:


This book/book series used to be my favorite, it is THAT good! I love the characters, and the plot and all the different amazing things going on during the entire course of the series, and ahhhhhhh you MUST read this book!!!

One thing I noticed Brandon Mull was just GOLD at, (ALONG WITH LITERALLY EVERYTHING ELSE) was his world building.

There are five different kingdoms in the Outskirts, and each kingdom has their own kind of ‘shaping’ (magic) to it. Brandon Mull came up with entirely original ideas of magic and different looks to the world that it’s honestly shocking how no one else has thought of something so. amazing before!!!

I rate this book and the entire book series five bajillion stars, over and over again.


Check it Out!


A Book That Has The BEST Fight Scenes


I loveloveloveloooooveeee The Ruins of Gorlan SO much! Will (fantastic choice in the protagonist’s name if I do say so myself *blinks eyelashes innocently*) is close to my favorite protagonist, and my heart always goes out to this boy. 

Anyways, although I haven’t read it in a while, I clearly remember that John Flanagan was AMAZING at his fight scenes. Whether it be battles or simply just training, you could tell that he knew his stuff. 

I loved how he specified certain things like how to hold a bow, or riding horses, and I loved how he set up his battles. 

For sure if you want an extraordinary book with some of the BEST humor, lots of coffee, my favorite mentor and apprentice relationships + other relationships in general, and if you want to pick up fight scene tips, read The Rangers Apprentice, because it is AWESOME!


Check it Out! 


A Book That Has Strong Sibling Relationships


I am currently finishing off the climatic third book in the trilogy, and while the first book wasn’t my favorite, the sibling relationship was.

Honestly, John Stephens does the best job at his relationships in general! The first book was like, meh, okay, but then BOOM the second comes around and you’re like AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH (etc.)

*coughs* anyways, the siblings are Kate, Michale, and Emma (that’s the order from oldest to youngest). Kate is the leader, Michale is the geeky know-it-all brother, and Emma may be the youngest, but she’s a fighter. 

What I love about their relationship is how it grows. You can really see it grow especially in book two, and then in book three you suddenly realize they’ve come so far…


Check it Out! 


A Book That Has the Best Quirky Character



I’m just showing the first book’s cover ’cause it’d get confusing showing book 2 or 3 or something like that, BUT just so you know, while book one is funny book 2 is where the awesome quirky character really starts to come in!

I LOVE Keefe sooooo much, and he is the best character PERIOD. 





Check it Out! 


A Book With a Relatable Protagonist


Also coming up close to ranking the FUNNIEST character, (seriously, he makes me laugh just as much as Keefe), Owen Conners is the BEST protagonist you could ask for! (Uhm…well, he’s not actually on the cover buuttttt…well, that takes a bit of explaining which I can’t really do *cough* just go read the books *cough*).

While the other two characters are over there being strong, Owen is struggling not to be the side-kick, but in reality I believe he’s the BEST protagonist there could ever be!

(They’re actually an insane good take on the fantasy world. James Riley went WAY out of the box!!! A must-read, especially if you’re looking for fantasy books that have a new twist on things!)


Check it Out! 


A Book That I Loved So Much That It Made Me Sob and Crushed My Heart


I read this book YYYEAARRSSS ago, and I am for sure reading it again this summer! (I will definitely update this once I finish reading it.)

Anyways, although I cannot remember much, I know for sure it was an amazing book if: 1) I remember it at all. And 2) Because it made me cry. 

Let me just clarify, guys. I don’t cry. Characters have died and I’ve been sad, and characters have betrayed other characters and it would give me mixed feelings…but nah, I just don’t cry. Even for all things happening in Endgame (a Marvel movie), nope, I never cried.

SO, in conclusion to that lovely defiant speech…The Someday Suitcase made me cry, and it broke my heart so much that I loved it and hated it so much.

5/5 you guys should read it.


Check it Out! 


A Book That Made Me Cry Part 2

Sweep+Cover+-+Hi+ResI was trying to figure out what you guys might be interested in, and then I realized; there had been something nagging at me that there was another book that made me cry. 

And now I remember. 

Sweep was a SUCH a sad story, I can’t even talk about it. 

If you’re hard-core like me, I recommend reading BOTH these books. I know that these are set maybe for a bit of a younger audience (haven’t found any other books that made me cry since then I guess) but I wanna know if they’ll make you cry too. And try not to force yourself to not cry during the book just to prove me wrong cause that’s cheating haha. Anyways, read both and then tell me your thoughts!


Check it Out! 


A Book Where The Author Knew Everything About Writing 


Although I’ve never been a big fan of the entire point of the book (too much love for my taste), Soman is literally a wizard of words, and I fell in love with his writing style.

He just knows everything! From sentence number one, with his hook; “Sophie had waited her entire life to be kidnapped,” until the ending, cliffhanger sentence (which I’ll spare you from for spoiler reasons), the whole way through I was mesmerized by how amazing of a writer he is!

His plot zigzags every single way, leaving you guessing and guessing and then BOOM something crazy happens and aaghghhhhhh I love his writing style SO. MUCH. and you HAVE to check it out! I’ve learned a lot from him, and I’m hoping to do a case study on it sometime to really figure out how he got to be so amazing at it. What do you guys think?


Check it Out!


My Favorite Book (Currently):

Unknown-1IknowIknowIknowIknowIknowIknowIknowwwwwww, I’m not supposed to choose favorites or have favoritism or even be capable of choosing one amongst the millions…

…but I have.

I know guys I’m evil.

Fawkes was everything I’ve ever loved masterfully weaved into an incredible book, and I’m so shocked that such a thing can actually…well, exist.

Remember how I was talking about Soman’s writing style from The School for Good and Evil?


Fawkes surpasses it.

*MIND BLOWN* *Cue lots of screaming and hysterics*

Okay, but, GUYS, Fawkes has EVERYTHING. It surpasses both my reader and writer expectations, with it’s incredible plot, heart-melting characters and relationships, one of my most favorite character arcs to date, and oh my gosh I can’t even WRITE this without gushing all over again.

Oddly enough, me, my two sisters, and one of my best friends found that as we devoured through the book and looked at how far we’d gotten…it was like we hadn’t gotten anywhere!? I checked the font and spacing and it was fairly large, so maybe that had to do with the amount of pages???? But it was honestly like sorcery or something because that happened to ALL of us…ANYONE KNOW HOW THIS HAPPENED????


Check it Out! 


OKAY, ending this party off here!

*Note, I will be updating this page to whenever you guys want a new category, I have a new category, or a new book takes the others place. 


Have you read any of these books before or are going to?

Is there a specific category of a book you’d like me to do? Requests are open in the comments!

Once or if or if you’re going to read these books, talk to me in the comments! Do you agree with my thoughts? CAN WE RAVE TOGETHER PLEASE?





13 thoughts on “Greatest Books Ever”

  1. YAY! I honestly can’t remember if it was me or not that suggested this page,(hah hah my short term memory) but anyways, I’m SO excited for it! I’ve seen some of these book before but not really paid much attention to them or read the back but they sound SO cool and I’m definitely going to check them out from the library or something. Thanks for making this page!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha I’m not sure either ’cause there was no name, but if it was you, THANK YOU! (And even if it wasn’t, thank you for liking the page 😊) OOhhh I’m glad they sound cool to you!! YES, as soon as you finish one tell me and we can totally rave together 😂 No problem, thank YOU so much for liking it!


  2. BTW.. I just read the someday suitcase! Oh my gosh soooo sad! SPOILERS for you peeps who haven’t read it ⬇️

    I can’t believe Danny dies! I did not expect that… I feel bad for his parents too because they weren’t even there. Anyways… it was a good book 📖😀

    Liked by 1 person


      I. KNOW.RIGHT? It’s just all…too…much…*sniffles and starts crying all over again* …yes! Definitely! I’m so glad you liked it! 😁


  3. I’ve read the entire Story Thieves series. It was really good. (I only wished we got to see Moriah come up again. I LOVED her. She was incredible. How could anyone not love her? And Owen really is a relatable protagonist.)

    I’ve been DYING to read Fawkes. Everyone keeps talking about how good it is. It’s #1 on my list of books to get. Plus that cover is STUNNING!!!! (And I pick favorites all the time.)

    If you want a book recommendation, then I totally suggest THE FALSE PRINCE by Jennifer A. Nielsen. It’s my current favorite. It has unforgettable characters, and mind-blowing plot, twists and turns you never see coming, stunning world building. And I’m going to stop there. But it really is SUPER GOOD.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yess it is really good (ikr I always wanted more of her!! And YES Owen is so relatable).

      YES YOU HAVE TO READ IT! Ahh yes the cover is so beautiful! Hehehe yeah I always end up choosing favorites…

      Oh my gosh, I didn’t even know this book existed until a month or two ago, but I saw the cover and read the description and put it on hold at my library, and now I see it EVERYWHERE. I’m sooo excited to get it from my library, but it still hasn’t come in yet. Thank you for the recommendation!! Hopefully I can get my hands on it soon 😆


      1. Where have you been, Mary!!!!????? You mean you’ve gone THIS long and have never HEARD of it!!!!!!???????? (Just kidding!) If you like the book, though, I totally want to know!!!!

        Liked by 1 person

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