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Ready…Set…WRITE! (An Add on Sentence Party!!!)

Guys, this is a SUPER duper 360 degrees different post today. Because technically it's not a post. It's a party. Today, I'm going to give you one sentence, and you guys are gunna add on to it. I came up with this idea and I was like: Well, this will be either super hilarious or a catastrophic fail. Sooo the only logical answer to it is...LET'S DO IT!


14 Hilarious Situations Readers & Writers Can Be Found In! (Told Through GIFs)

Okay guys! We are SO overdo for a hilarious post on things writers and readers do, told through GIFS. You guys all seem to love these things-and I find them quite hilarious, too-so I have compiled a list of 14 hilarious situations we always seem to find ourselves in. 

Let's get started! 

**As a quick suggestion, I find that the funniest way to enjoy this post is to read the big heading first, and then look at the GIFs, but you guys can do whatever you’d like!


17 Ways That Writers Are Crazy + Disney GIFs

So for some STRANGE reason, I decided that it would be a fantastic idea to spill to the world all the times in life that us writers show off how ridiculously crazy we really are. 

Oh, and I'm showing you guys all this fabulousness through the use of GIFs.

**As a quick suggestion, I find that the funniest way to enjoy this post is to read the big heading first, and then look at the GIFs, but you guys can do whatever you’d like!

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WARNING: Do NOT Do These 7 Things That I Did! (ft Me Roasting My Book to Marshmallows Pt. 2)

Sooo, if you want to 1) Get to read some hilarious behind-the-scenes content about my book and 2) listen to me sass myself and die of laughter/embarrassment, THEN READ ON FELLOW ADVENTURER, cauuuseeee that is what's going on today!

Let's get started!

***(Also, although these sentences/paragraphs/words in general??? will never be used in the real version of my book, I ask that you don’t take any of these sentences. (And actually, you’d be crazy if you wanted any, because-*cringe* yeah…just read on and you’ll soon see what I mean)


Weird Things That Only Writers Do: Collaboration!

Heeeyy everyone!

Today is going to be a SUPER hilarious post-day today, and a super fun, new experience for me, because this is going to be my first collaborate ever with a blogger!!

Today, me and Julia from Julia's Creative Corner are going to be sharing with you some top 10 hilarous things that writers do, which we show through Disney GIFS.

Make sure you check out Julia's blog, because she has a whole other 10 awesome writer-moments as well!

Personally, I find that the funniest way to enjoy this post is to read the big heading first, and then look at the GIF, but you can do whatever you'd like!

And now, let's get started!


Learn How to Own Your Hilarious Scenes With Ninjago GIF Fails

I was thinking about writing a funny scene in a book, and I thought to me-self, "Mary. What kinds of situations could a character be in to make it funny?" And I found the answer in Ninjago. Their entire movie series is hilarious, and I realized that there are so many really creative ways to get funny scenes in your book!

Anyways, as I was looking through their hilarious GIFs, I realized that these were actually great ideas for situations that you could have in scenes for you book! So I'm going to tell you guys a situation, and then explain it with a GIF from Ninjago!

Hopefully you find this post hilarious, because I sure had a lot of fun!

*Also check out the AWESOME note at the end of this post!!


How to Be Hilarious: Does it Always Have to Be Dialogue?

I've been thinking about humor lately, and realized that when most people (me included, I 'spose) talk about being funny, they talk about how to be funny in dialogue.

It makes sense that you'd immediately think of dialogue, 'cause for your characters to be funny, they need to speak. Right? 

Actually, I figured out that the answer is: wrong. And today we're going to find out why!


Bringing Out My Blogging Voice + How to Ace Humor

As a new blogger, I've been trying out different ways to really bring out the real me in my blog posts. The real me: crazy, quirky, and weird. On my blog? A little weird, but mostly I'm super straight to the point and no messing around. In real life I loose my train of thought, and completely take 100 different paths until I get to the point. 

So, I think it's 'bout time I start being myself!

Annnddd, myself being a quirky person, I thought it'd be a great idea today to teach you guys how to ace all your humor in your books!