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Introducing the First Chapter of My Book!

Hey guys!! It occurred to me that, besides epic snippets thrown into my email list, you guys have never actually seen much of my book before. SO, I've decided to pull out a (WARNING) super rough draft version of my first chapter that I have recently written...last month, I think? Anyways! I hope you guys enjoy it! As always, please do not steal this content even if it'll never make it into my real book (I trust you guys!), andddd yeah! Enjoy!

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WARNING: Do NOT Do These 7 Things That I Did! (ft Me Roasting My Book to Marshmallows Pt. 2)

Sooo, if you want to 1) Get to read some hilarious behind-the-scenes content about my book and 2) listen to me sass myself and die of laughter/embarrassment, THEN READ ON FELLOW ADVENTURER, cauuuseeee that is what's going on today! Let's get started! ***(Also, although these sentences/paragraphs/words in general??? will never be used in the real version of my book, I ask that you don’t take any of these sentences. (And actually, you’d be crazy if you wanted any, because-*cringe* yeah…just read on and you’ll soon see what I mean)

My Book

4 Hilarious Mistakes I Completely Made When Writing My Book For the First Time

So today's going to be a little bit more of a different post today! Today, we're going to be looking at my current book that I'm working on and I'm going to be showing you a lot of things I made the mistake of doing, and you guys can learn to...well...not make the mistake of doing, and I'll be telling you the real way to do it.  Let's just get started!