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Aiming For the Top! (Help me Make 2021 for Wild Writing Dreams Awesome!)

WELCOME TO 2021! All of last week, I got a LOT of posts and people proclaiming quite loudly, "2020! HORRIBLE YEAR! So happy it's over! WHOO!" Gunna be honest, I disliked this a lot. I'm not saying 2020 was sunshine and rainbow unicorns (which it totally should've been, just saying). There were a LOT of bad things that happened (*cough cough* looking at you, pandemic *cough cough*) and yes it actually did destroy a year of my childhood BUT. A lot of good things came from 2020.


A Silence In the Shadows Book Review + Interview With the Author!!!


*trips mid-spin and falls down all the stairs*

Guys, I have something SUPER exciting happening today!! I've reviewed a very new book, A Silence in the Shadows, and today I'm going to be telling you guys all the reasons why you need to read this book, plus we have an exciting interaction (/that means an interview!) with the very author of this book today!!!

OKAY! Let's get started!


Awesome Blog Overview + A Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Surprise!!

Heyyyyy everyone! GUESS WHAT! It's 2019. Yup! Good guess everyone *throws you guys candy*


Today I thought, being my first post of 2019, that I could share a little bit of an overview and update about what'll happen and what has happened here at Wild Writing Dreams! 

So let's dance-and-frisk-and-frolic-or-whatever-you-wanna-do-right into it!

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The Top 4 Most Outstanding Books of the Year

Hi guys! Today I'm going to be sharing with you some books I've read or re-read this year! They're really good, and I think you guys can learn a lot from them if you read them!

(Also I realized after I had this totally 'ingenious' idea for this post, that everyone is actually doing a post like this?? But whatever! I'll just be part of the everyone group)

*Don't worry there aren't any spoilers!