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4 Ways to Use Your Magic System During Fight Scenes

As fantasy writers, when we come up with our own magic systems, we're going to inevitably end up writing epic fight scenes with super powers in them. do we do that? How do we write our magic systems into our battles properly? Today, I'm giving you 4 tips to writing to sliding in your magic system cohesively into epic fight scenes! Let's get started! *Note: I will be assuming you have a magic system in place while reading this post. If you don't, I highly suggest you check out this post I did here and at least start to feed in a magic system for your book before reading this post. **And a huge thank you to the awesome Victoria for requesting this totally cool post! Make sure you check out her blog!


Is Your Emotional Dialogue Falling Flat? Here’s How to Fit It!

Have you ever written a deep scene that happens between characters that just...falls flat? All the dialogue is corny, mushy, and incredibly cheesy. Not the most appetizing combo for second breakfast (or for reading, for that matter). So, today, I'm going to be sharing with you 4 solid steps + an example scene on how to build up a structure for the deep conversations your characters have in a way that won't make it sound so cheesy! *Also, a HUGE thank you to Joy from her blog, Joy Caroline, for requesting this post!!! I totally enjoyed writing this!

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3 Writing Distractions All Writers Have + How To Avoid Them

Every story has a point to it. There's always some sort of impending doom looming menacingly at the protagonist, which the entire story will lead up to.  And yet often times we find ourselves...well, getting distracted from it. It's way too easy to wedge a party in there ("For some excitement," we tell ourselves) or throw in a dance-off battle scene ("For epic-ness,") or even an entire new epic character half-way through the book ("For comic-relief,"). While on the outside these things seem fun, they're actually damaging your story.  Today we're going to be looking at 3 different distractions writers have, and how to avoid them! Let's get started! 

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How to Make Your Protagonist Likeable: The ONLY Thing You Need

If my character has to go through a change, from bad to good, how can I make him likeable when he's in his 'bad' stage? It's hard enough as it is to make your character likeable, but now you have to make him likeable when he's doing something not likeable? How counterintuitive is THAT? But there IS a way. And I'm going to be showing it to you today! Let's get started!