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How To Show And Tell In Your Writing Like A Boss

Ah yes, showing not telling...showing vs telling...and showing AND telling. I'm going to say the majority of writers hate it, the other majority don't care, and a small amount think it's sounds way too complicated to learn so they just completely kick the idea out the window. Well, I'm hoping that if you hate it, this post will help you like it! If you don't care this post will make you see why you should, and if you believe it's too complicated..? Than I'm hoping to break it down so simply that by the end of this, whatever type of feelings you have for showing and telling, you'll be a boss at it! Let's get started!


The Wonderful Wonders of World-building in 3 Awesome Steps

Why is world-building so important? Isn't it just in the background all the time in a book anyway? After all, your characters and plot are the star of show! But this is so, so, so wrong. Without a world, your fantastic characters and fabulous plot are hanging in thin air. We need to let the characters walk and let the plot be set down somewhere.  The world is the base of everything. Without your world, how can have your story? So today I'm going to be telling you 3 Awesome Steps to achieving the most realistic world ever!