A Very Mary Collab! | Feat. Mary Elizabeth @ Middle Mary

Heyyyyy everyone! Today I'm doing a collaboration with my friend here, MARY!

*I wave pom-poms around and throw confetti and music starts playing-*

"Uhhhh Mary, why on earth are you doing an interview with yourself?" someone questions, and the record player screeches to a halt.

Very good question, young padawan.

I am NOT, actually! I'm being interviewed by Mary from Middle Mary! Don't worry, she's not my evil twin or anything (although maybe I'd be the evil twin if I had a twin...) but she does have a GREAT name, wouldn't you say?

And today, we're both interviewing each other! (Check out my questions and her answers here! https://memary145.wordpress.com)

Let's get started!


In Which I’m Crazy and Create a Tag for the First Time Ever


I have officially created the most ridiculously awesome tag EVER!

The idea sort of came from doing my collaboration with Julia. Afterwards I was like, 'I loved doing that, and everyone else loved it too! I wonder if there can be a way for others to do it as well...' which lead me to the conclusion: BOOM, I would just make it into a tag!

So today, I present to you a new tag: Relatable Hobby GIFs Tag!

Let's get started!


Behind the Blogger Book Tag (And How I Kinda Ruin It)

Hello, hello, HELLOO!

*slurps tea and says in an over-extravagant British accent* Due to the fact that I was studying for two tests last week, in all my spare time designing a blog for Multimedia, reading and playing soccer every other spare chance I have, and totally loving my new Spiderman sweater...

...I have failed at thinking up a fantastic writing-post and super bad jokes to drive you crazy, when I happened to remember I have been nominated for yet another award. 

*you guys choke and spit out your tea everywhere*

*I calmly places tea-cup down on my saucer* don't worry though, I'm not being ridiculous and nominating 22 people, I'll be nominating only 5 bloggers this time!

TADA! Look at me go!

Anyways! *throws tea-cup behind head and as I hear it shatter in the distance I proclaim to the world..* Let's get started!!!