I Was Nominated Twice for the Liebster Award!

Okay, I will admit to ya'll...I have done the Liebster award before. But when two bloggers are calling me to do the same tag, it feels like you guys really want me to do it. *wipes dramatic happy tear away about being so loved* SOOoooOooOooo prepare yourself for lots of gifs and cheating on the rules-I mean *coughs*...you didn't hear that. Thank you to the Arbitrary Fairy for tagging me! And thank you to Mia for tagging me! 


A Very Mary Collab! | Feat. Mary Elizabeth @ Middle Mary

Heyyyyy everyone! Today I'm doing a collaboration with my friend here, MARY!

*I wave pom-poms around and throw confetti and music starts playing-*

"Uhhhh Mary, why on earth are you doing an interview with yourself?" someone questions, and the record player screeches to a halt.

Very good question, young padawan.

I am NOT, actually! I'm being interviewed by Mary from Middle Mary! Don't worry, she's not my evil twin or anything (although maybe I'd be the evil twin if I had a twin...) but she does have a GREAT name, wouldn't you say?

And today, we're both interviewing each other! (Check out my questions and her answers here! https://memary145.wordpress.com)

Let's get started!


In Which I’m Crazy and Create a Tag for the First Time Ever


I have officially created the most ridiculously awesome tag EVER!

The idea sort of came from doing my collaboration with Julia. Afterwards I was like, 'I loved doing that, and everyone else loved it too! I wonder if there can be a way for others to do it as well...' which lead me to the conclusion: BOOM, I would just make it into a tag!

So today, I present to you a new tag: Relatable Hobby GIFs Tag!

Let's get started!