7 Tips to Use When You Don’t Know How to World-build

How can I set my book's world apart from all the rest out there? There are some awesome worlds built up by writers out there, and they all have a very distinct world feel. And why is that? What makes them so special? What makes them stand out against all the rest? Today, we'll be looking at 7 different things you can include in your world to make it super definable. Let's get started! *Note: Some of these tips are tilted more towards fantasy writers rather than other genres, as that is the genre I most specialize in. Still, I know that these tips can be used and tweaked to your own genre, so it's still super beneficial for other genre writers to read on!


How to Create A Unique Magic System: 15 Important Questions

Guys. I got asked to write an article for a blog magazine!
If you want to learn how to create a unique magic system with just 15 important questions, then read on! (It might take some scrolling, but just download the magazine and you’ll find it!)

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Hey, guys! I have some exciting stuff for you today:
Yeah, I meant to publish it five days ago buut I had a couple other posts I needed to do and I just didn’t get time. Anyway, it’s attached right here. I think you’ll need to download the PDF, then open it with your browser : )

Feel free to give me your feedback in the comments! Ideas, suggestions, etc. are always welcome 🤗
If you would like to write something for the magazine, make sure to send a message through my contact page.

Also, huge thank you to everyone who helped out! Some of you guys gave me name ideas, some of you helped me figure out the design thing, and some of you wrote amazing things for the magazine! I really appreciate it :)))

~Ray out~

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