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I Challenge YOU to Get Better at Writing in Just 5 Minutes!

I've been thinking recently about how anyone so rarely puts into practice what bloggers teach. For example, when I read a writing post I might skip through it, nod along with the facts, and comment how it was a great post, and then go about my day. But...that really didn't do anything, did it? I know, that sounds weird, but hear me out.

Writer Tips

Top 10 Writing Resources You Need to Check Out

HEY GUYS! Have you ever had a writing problem that you couldn't fix and didn't know where to turn to for help? Today I'm going to be recommending to you 5 writing websites, and 5 writing books which will up your writing game like nothing else. Let's get started! *Also, a HUGE thank you to Tori for requesting this post!!! (I'm not sure if you have a blog-if so, let me know and I will 100% link to you!)

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3 Writing Distractions All Writers Have + How To Avoid Them

Every story has a point to it. There's always some sort of impending doom looming menacingly at the protagonist, which the entire story will lead up to.  And yet often times we find ourselves...well, getting distracted from it. It's way too easy to wedge a party in there ("For some excitement," we tell ourselves) or throw in a dance-off battle scene ("For epic-ness,") or even an entire new epic character half-way through the book ("For comic-relief,"). While on the outside these things seem fun, they're actually damaging your story.  Today we're going to be looking at 3 different distractions writers have, and how to avoid them! Let's get started! 

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How to Get Rid of Writer’s Block for Good

I'm going to tell you something you've never realized before: Writer's Block does not exist.

I know, this sounds CRAZY! How to fix Writer's Block is everywhere: people make courses about it, people try to tell other people how to fix it in one little pin, people spend their writing hours moaning about how they can't write. Honestly, it's become one of the biggest writerly problems out there!

And I'm telling you today that it doesn't exist.