I’d love to hear from you! If you have blog post ideas, any questions or thoughts, would like me to guest post on your blog, or you would like to guest post on mine, don’t hesitate to contact me down below!

And to any guest posters, just quickly hop down below the form to read up on some quick guidelines to follow before submitting a request!

A Few Requirements Before Guest Posting

Hey guys! Thank you SO much for your interest in guest posting! I just have a few quick things to establish before you submit your request:

  • Please have a topic for your post in mind and make sure it’s related to the topic of my blog (ex. the type of posts I write here on Wild Writing Dreams).
  • Please know what you’re writing about. I’d rather you don’t make something up and slap it into a post just to get out there, ya know?
  • Keep in mind I will lightly edit your post/format but ONLY for positive reasons. I will not change any of your main words unless something is grammatically incorrect.
  • No bad language allowed.
  • Please do not submit to me a copy-pasted post from your website (or from anyone else, for that matter). I want something newly written (although it can be a topic you’ve spoken about before on your blog). Once you have written it, please do not submit that article to anyone else, or post it on your blog; although you are free to re-blog on your blog for your readers!
  • And finally, please try your best to reply to any comments your receive ASAP. I understand that your day is probably very busy, but I appreciate it if you try your best to not keep anyone waiting longer than necessary.

Benefits of Guest Posting on Wild Writing Dreams:

  • My readers will find your blog, your stats might go up, your blog will be a little bit more out there, and you might gain some more followers. Maybe they’ve seen you around before, maybe you’re totally knew to them, but after seeing a fantastic blog post, my readers have a high chance of becoming YOUR readers, too!
  • You’ll be on my blog forever. One day I’m hoping to have a LOT of readers, and I’m always working towards it! But, every day, your blog post will be on my blog, and every day a new or old reader will have a chance to see that post and find your blog continuously. Pretty great, huh?
  • IF I find your post appropriate, I will make a graphic and pin it to my Pinterest. It’ll go onto one board, possibly two, and my followers and any other viewers-which I hope to continue to build (I only started recently!)-will be able to view it, click it, and pin it if they desire.
  • You will have my undying gratitude and I will not forgot about it. My blog is always growing, and anyone who contributes to that has my undying love and appreciation for that. If you were to guest post, it would mean the WORLD to me, so thank you thank you THANK YOU to anyone who wants to and anyone who has.

Also, a SPECIAL SHOUT OUT AND HUGE THANK YOU to Chalice @Lionhearted Art for helping me learn the ways of setting up guest posting-I could not learn it without your help, so thank you!!