The 1 Thing You Forgot to Give Your Characters

Crafting life-like characters can be incredibly challenging. From the basics of creating flaws and quirks to backstory to a full-fledged character arc, us writers are always trying to get our characters to become human-like. Today, I'm going to share with you 1 really neat trick to do for your characters that you've probably either a) never heard about or b) have forgotten to figure out. Let's get started!


Is Your Protagonist Right For Your Story? Here Are 3 Ways to Check!

Have you ever read a book before where you love the plot, the minor characters, the themes, the EVERYTHING...and yet the protagonist of the story just sucks? What in the world happened here? Why isn't the protagonist the favorite character? What went wrong? Today we're going to be looking at 3 really big ways that you can make sure your protagonist is the right protagonist so that readers will love your protagonist. Let's get started!


How to Craft Sibling Relationships That Feel Real (In Just 6 Ways)

Have you ever read a book where the siblings' relationship in it felt...kind of fake? A little...odd? Or maybe you've even written one like that before. Today, I'm going to be proving 6 different type of general facts that happen between siblings. Let's get started! *Note: I'm only experienced in the ways of sister-sibling relationships, as I have no brothers. I'm sure a lot of this stuff probably is accurate to having brothers, but just know that this post is ever so slightly titled towards sisters more than brothers. Also, after awesome discussion in the comments, I realized that this post is more directed towards younger siblings, not young-adult siblings or full adult siblings as a shift happens between siblings when we mature.


How to Create a Blood-Curdling Antagonist (FREE Resource!!!)

GUYS! It's been one year since I released my email list! And I have succeeded in gaining exactly 12 subscribers. I appreciate every single follower with all my heart, and I'm not one to pawn over numbers every moment of my life. So I'm perfectly happy with 12 subscribers! Buuuttt there's obviously something wrong here if nothing's going up. Soooo, I took a look around and realized: BAM. I'm giving away free desktops??? Is that supposed to entice people? *tisks* ah the immaturity I had of a year ago.  (not that I've become any less immature since then)


How to Write Realistic Extrovert Characters in Just 7 Steps (Collaboration!)

Ever wondered how to write the differences between an extrovert and introvert character? Today, me and my sister Julia from Julia's Creative Corner are bringing to you 7 tips on writing realistic extrovert and introvert characters! ***DISCLAIMER, this post isn't in any way saying that introverts don't do any of this. I'm simply talking about how extroverts might generally act. If you want to learn more about introverts, though make sure to hop right over to Julia's post!


3 Ways To Find Names For Your Characters

Hey y'all! Can you believe it? My first ever guest post!! Keep it cool, Ari. Hey there *awkward, excited wave*. I'm Ari D., but you can just call me Ari. I'm the author of Ari D. Original where I post writing tips, book recommendations, and updates on the story I'm writing, In Wildcat Hollow. Anyway, today I will be showing you some of my favorite ways to name characters. I hope you enjoy!

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How to Make Your Protagonist Likeable: The ONLY Thing You Need

If my character has to go through a change, from bad to good, how can I make him likeable when he's in his 'bad' stage?

It's hard enough as it is to make your character likeable, but now you have to make him likeable when he's doing something not likeable? How counterintuitive is THAT?

But there IS a way.

And I'm going to be showing it to you today!

Let's get started!