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Is the Way a Girl Thinks Going to Affect Your Fight Scenes?

Today, I'm going to be talking about how a girl's mind works when she's in a fight. After learning about these 3 stages that most girls go through in a fight, you'll be able to incorporate some epic realism into your girl characters when you write your fight scenes! Let's get started! 


Creating Strong Female Characters: It’s Not What You Think

A strong female protagonist is something hundreds of us writers have been scrambling to write correctly since...forever. Usually the female characters are all weak and pathetic or else they're way too physically strong. So how do you find the mix? How do you find the place in between the two where the character is a strong yet likeable person? How do you find what's right? That's what we're going to be talking about today!


How To Craft A Unique Characters Voice and Keep It

Have you ever found that your character's are suddenly acting completely opposite to their personalities? All of a sudden, it gets extremely hard to write your character's correctly. For SURE, I have struggled with this before, so I decided to come up with 4 super effective steps that I'm going to show you guys which really helped me begin to bring out my character's unique voices, and keep them the same the whole way through-and I believe they'll help yours too. Let's get started!


How to Write Realistic Sibling Relationships In Just Three Steps

I haven't read a lot of novels with many sibling relationships in them, but I can seriously enjoy them when they're pulled off really well! Still, sometimes it can be hard to write realistic sibling relationships, and I can totally understand that because there are so. many different ways to write them! So today, I'm going to be helping you guys with a few tactics that will enhance your character's sibling relationships. Let's get started!


How to Make Your Readers See That Your Character is Hilarious

So I've been teaching you guys all about how and how not to ace writing your quirky characters for a while. (You kind find all my humor posts here.) Yet, even though we've already gone through a lot, I haven't yet told you how you can make your readers believe that your character actually and truly funny through and through. So today, I'm going to be telling you exactly how to create a believable funny character! Let's get started!