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I’m Back! + Best Books of 2019 AND A HUGE SURPRISE!!!

Today I wanted to just say HI, share my top 5 favorite books of 2019 (it was so long ago *dramatically sighs*) and also SHARE A HUGEEEEE SURPRISE!

Let’s get started!Screen Shot 2019-02-10 at 2.39.03 PM

Quick Update…

What’s New With Writing:

I’ve tackled plotting. It’s really tough stuff, but it’s also super fun once you get stuff right. (Isn’t it always, though?)

I’m SO excited right now, because I recently filled in a bit of a character arc plot hole by bringing in an old character from, like, my first draft and making him have a purpose. Now I have big plans TO RUIN HIS LIFE FOREVER! MWHAHAHAHAA!


So much fun.


What’s New With the Blog

Not anything right now, but I’ve actually been toying with the idea of creating another survey. Last time it was because I needed help…kind of personally? But this time I’m thinking of creating one for you guys. I wanna know what you guys like to see, want to see more of, and want to see NEW of!

Let me know in the comments if you’d like to see a survey like this!


Time for the best books of 2019!!


#1. Fawkes


2019 was the year I found my favorite book everI knowIknowIknow, I shouldn’t choose favorites…

…but I totally did.


Fawkes is a masterpiece. Every sentence has a purpose. The foreshadowing was unbelievable-I tried to guess twice what would happen and after failing twice and having the carpet ripped out from under me both times, I was actually scared to guess a third time for fear of being very wrong again.

The characters, and especially the protagonist’s, character arcs were perfect, the tension and suspension was so well done my heart was beating wildly at moments and ahhh THERE ARE NO MORE WORDS BECAUSE I’VE USED THEM ALL AND YOU’RE PROBABLY BORED BY NOW.

Admittedly I’ve only read it once-I don’t want it getting old-and I know that the first time you read a book your first impression is definitely different from when you read it a second time, which can be good or bad, so if you read it and don’t find it as marvellous, it’s possible I’ve just gotten a tad bit too excited about it.

Just a tad…


Okay yeah that GIF describes exactly what I’m doing right now


Check out Nadine’s blog!

Check out Nadine’s Channel!



#2. Percy Jackson


I’lll admit it-I’ve never actually read Percy Jackson before.

IknowIknowIknow, *cringes*…I’m a horrible person. 

It was just that, my family listened to it on audio book a LONG time ago, and I was just WAY. TOO. YOUNG to be listening to that, so I fell under the impression for all those rest of the years of my old long life that Percy Jackson was a horrible book series.

well. I was wrong.

As usual.

The only reason I picked it up was because my cousin Gemma kept ranting and raving about EVERYTHING there is to do with it (thanks, Gemma) so I decided I needed to read those books so that I could actually figure out what the heck she was talking about.

So I read them.

And I loved them. 

It was SHOCKING how well-written the first, second, third…ALL OF THEM (although I’m still waiting in a way-too-long line at the library on hold for the LAST. BOOK. AHHH) were, and I actually learned a few writing techniques from those books, which just makes the whole thing even MORE awesome! 

Okay, seeing as I could rant about this book for a few days, I will just leave it right there for you to check it out if you haven’t yet or go down to the comments and rave about it with me! (But no spoilers-I still need that last book…)


#3. Legacy


Honestly I think the reason why I liked this book so much was because I was just relieved that it wasn’t as bad as Flashback. 

This is the eighth book in the Keeper of the Lost Cities series, so you HAVE to check out book one-don’t even think about starting with this one first!!

Anyway, the book was a total redemption from book seven, and there was SO many scenes I wanted that finally happened! 

While not my favorite in the series, it was definitely awesome, and I totally recommend checking out the series! 

Check out Shannon’s website!


#4. 100 Days of Sunlight 


This book has gotten all around the blogosphere, so I wouldn’t be surprised if you guys recognize it by now.

100 Days of Sunlight was definitely a different read for me, considering my reading genre is, like, 98.5% fantasy all the time. yes. .5

This story is about a girl who is struck blind from a car crash for 100 days, and is struggling with despair of ever seeing sunlight again.

And then one day after a few accidental twists and turns, Weston comes into her life and everything just flips upside down.

This book is incredibly thematic based, but the themes in it are something I strongly believe everyone should realize in life. It was a super inspirational read, and I totally recommend checking it out!

Check out Abbie’s blog!

Check out Abbie’s Channel!


#5. Plot vs Character

41M9m+-PCNL._SX325_BO1,204,203,200_Even though I think I’ll find better writing books than this out there, Plot vs Character was what truly kick-started my incredibly thorough outlining of Will’s inner journey, and for that I know I’m always going to love this book.

This book, I believe, was supposed to be aimed at writers just beginning the writing of their book, but I’d advise having at least some of what’s going to actually happen floating around your head before you start.

Jeff Gerke really helped me understand Will on a whole deeper level-he’s not some sort of cardboard cut-out on the page. He’s human.

And although I feel that the book was based around a character’s inner journey, I actually got a few key moments of my book plotted out, and now I just feel like…like yeah, I have a lot to do, but now I have safety points locked in, and so now I know that whatever happens I’ll end up figuring out somehow where to go. 



The Surprise

OKAY, now that I’m done sharing deep thoughts on books, let’s get to the part that everyone’s obviously been waiting for.


Guys, I cannot BELIEVE how long it’s taken for me to show you this??? This thing was finished wayyy back in February. Of 2019

It’s almost been a YEAR.



Okay sooo I guess I better show you guys *coughs*


Yes I know I’m doing this to you…


*evil giggles*

Me Right Now:


You Guys:



Copyright Sarah Baran Property of Mary Herkel.jpg

Isn’t it the most glorious thing you’ve ever seen?

Me right now:


I reached out to Sarah Baran (like, a year ago *hacks embarrassingly and hides in Hobbit hole*) and she told me she’d do it!! She was just crazy amazing-the first sketch she did was so crazy accurate to what I’ve always wanted that I practically cried staring at it.

I asked for a few alterations, though, and after only two more rough sketches (which were museum-worthy exhibits honestly) Sarah went on to create the full-body sketch which blew me away: She got it perfect in one go. After adding the watermarks and after a few more exchanges, our conversation sort of ended. I think she was going to send me a hardcopy, but it never really happened. If it ever does, I am SO showing you guys pictures, pinkie promise.


Anyways, I just had to tell you guys that because…WELL WHY NOT? It looks AMAZING!

I’ve put this drawing up on my ‘Awesome Stuff about My Book(s)‘ page, which you should totally check out, because I throw up some behind-the-scenes extra stuff about my book there!

Anyways, GO CHECK OUT SARAH’S BLOG! And this post where she actually showed off Will to the world! Go! Fly! Be free! You won’t regret it!Screen Shot 2019-02-10 at 2.39.03 PM

Sooo you guys happy I’m back!?



Have you heard of any of the books I’ve mentioned?


Do you guys wanna see a survey meant for YOU?



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I hope you enjoyed this post! If you have any questions or thoughts, leave a comment down below.

Thanks for reading!



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